Thursday, April 2, 2015

Akash kumar singh

Course: OTA
Duration: 6 weeks
State/City: Agra

♦ Sincerely, in Minerva academy I like the way of Ranjit Bajaj sir. I really like to be that personality. Atmosphere of this academy is really good for those students who really want to study and they dream very big. Teachers:-

♦ Humanities – the most important personality for students is I think Salil Soni sir, because the way he treated with his students is gentle and genuine. The way he teaches is perfect. Sometimes they motivated the students for studies. Honestly, this is the only subject I understand clearly. Thanks you very much sir for your supporting.

♦ English:- Nimrit Maam: she is very close with her students. Maam always ready to help those students who are too weak in her subject. Thank you very much maam for your gentle and respectful behavior. And I think I know my mistakes and weakness in English. I promise I will improve my skills.

♦ Current Affairs:- Ranjit Bajaj Sir: thank you very much sir for your motivational speech. And you are awesome. And thank you Heena maam for supporting.

♦ Biology, Chemistry: I am not quite good in science stream but both of you teachers were very good and thank you very much for your knowledge.

♦ I feel confident in humanities, English and current affair. This academy learn how to treat the people in gently. Ranjit sir, thank you so much for giving this kind of education.

♦ Yes, but may be not (sorry for this line) but I feel positive and I never give up.

♦ Of course I will give information to other students because the faculties is really good specially HUMANITIES, ENGLISH & CURRENT AFFAIRS.

♦ The administrative and management staff:- the staff of Minerva academy is supportive. I don’t have single problem with staff.

Sandeep Singh Ghuman

Course: CDS (IMA)
Durations: 42 Days
State/City: Hoshiarpur, Punjab

♦ Minerva is very good academy. I love the location of the academy, greenery all over and positive environment. The second thing I liked about Minerva is “Ranjit Bajaj Sir” the way he motivates the students and sir specially for you when I heard your life story, I am really impressed and your personality is Awesome!!! My experience in this academy is really very good. I enjoyed a lot in classes and also in hostel. I will never forget these 42 days of my life. I have made many friends here. I will never forget the celebration of New Year and Lohari, because first I have celebrated these two functions with the people coming from different parts or regions of India. In other words with India. I love my country.

♦ Before coming to this academy I feel very nervous regarding studies because my concepts were not clear. But after coming to this academy my concepts are now clear and I am feeling very confident and motivated towards my studies. I want to thank to all teachers for teaching me those topics which I have never known.

♦ Nimrit maan: first of all I want to say sorry to you maam. I know you tolerated so much and thank you for understanding me. My English has improved due to your efforts. I like the way you teach and you take the topics very seriously and taught that topic very well in the class.

♦ Soni Sir: Sir ur great!!! First of all for your knowledge and experience hats off. I will never forget the modern, ancient history, polity and also geography. Your teaching skills are awesome Sir. “Sir aap jaisa teacher ho toh internet apne aap ban jana”(especially in history). I also want to thank you for ignoring my nonsense activities in the class.

♦ Kuldeep sir: sir with your effort my base in chemistry make strong. Sir I like your observation in the class. And I also like that line- “ beta sandeep samajh aye k nai”. Our suggestion for you sir – Ap modeling meh kyo nahi try karte?

♦ Preeti Mam: way of teaching is very good. Thank you mam for your efforts.

Devjeet Singh

State/City: Mathura, U.P
SSB Center & course: Allahabad (UES - 24)

♦ It was like heaven for me. I love everything about Minerva academy. I will miss everything which I have done here in 10 days, like quick bath, quick breakfast, quick reading lectures, a vast discussion with friends from different corners of country, talks of guides like-

♦ Mani Sir: Pagal hai, main aise thode hi bola. Tum sab ga nahi gi hai. Duniya me bewkoof log dhundne ki zarurat nahi. ___________many more.

♦ Oberai Sir: O! happened ki nahi happened. What sir? O! Mathura (U.P) wale idhar aao. I appreciate. Commission lena hai ki nahi. ________many more.

♦ S.P Singh Sir: Never be late. Poetry & shayries of sir. Raj in kutto ko chup karao nahi to mujhe Dharmendra bulana padega. ______many more.

♦ OM Kakkar Sir: Serious face me unka ghurna. My name is Om I.e. /Oscar Mic. If you talk again I’ll through you out. ___________many more.

♦ Rupal Mam: Her pleasant way of delivering speech & talking. And I’m thankful to her for giving us a great personality Ranjit Sir. Thank you Mam.

♦ Ranjit Sir: I have no words for him because it’s like showing light to sun. If he were in defence forces, I’m sure there was no Pakistan on map & as well as on earth. Hand’s of you sir & thank you sir.

♦ Vijay & Raj Sir: both of you teach lot to us like always do something & everything which is must for your goal.

♦ Sagar Sir: I’ll follow him to be fit & learn more.

♦ Abhilash Sir: I learnt from him mast raho our never give up, always try till you achieve.

♦ Other staff: they are outstanding & supportive in everything. Thank you all.

♦ Facilities: I have never seen such facilities at one place. Everything above expectation.

♦ I have learnt here how to live & enjoy life. It was turning point of my life. I am confident for SSB & it was a great decision of mine & I’ll surely others. Thanks Minerva academy & Deol Sir.

Ujjwal Gupta

State/City: Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
SSB Center & Course: Bhopal, SSC (UES – ELE)

♦ I love the whole academy. From starting point to every single point everywhere I found the environment and exposure provided to an officer. And all my mentors were excellent and Ranjit sir, you are my idol.

♦ There is a vast change in me. My diet is balanced. Stage fear almost gone. I recognized many of my qualities.  Confidence I get will remain with me till last breath and lastly “I will never give up”.

♦ Infrastructure is like a good college infrastructure. Hostel is good. Clean mess and mess food is very good. Sports facilities are excellent here. Classrooms environment, surroundings, everything will remains on me.

♦ Yes, I am a future Armed Force Officer. Yes, infect this decision is rightest decision I have ever take by my own.

♦ Yes, I will. I will motivate them to join this.

Chakshu Bhardwaj

State/City: Haryana/Panipat
SSB Center & Course: AFSB Dehradun, AFCAT

♦ There is nothing not to love about Minerva academy, I loved everything I saw here & also the teachers, they don’t tell to cram the answer and just say it. They will teach us how to go with natural instincts & to be totally natural. That is what I love about Minerva academy.

♦ I see my speeches are now more confident & I have developed various qualities which were not present before. This has been life changing experience for me.

♦ The infrastructure is very good. Hostel, mess, ground & everything are excellent. Sports facilities are exceptional & encouraging.

♦ Yes, I am fully confident & in fully equipped state to tackle any situation that might come to me during SSB. This was my best decision to join Minerva academy, I would not have been able to find an academy of this type of teaching method.

♦ Definitely, I would recommend this academy to others aspirants & tell them to not waste their time in any other academy. This is the best academy.

Ayush Gupta

State/city: Haryana/Karnal
SSB Center & Course: AFSB Dehradun, AFCAT

♦ It is the best academy for SSB candidates. The faculty members the way they explain things and develop the potential candidates for being original, honest and confident. The Minerva honor code must be followed. M.A is motivating students and I am highly motivated. They are not teaching for SSB, rather for life. No other academy in the world can do that. It is changing our perception towards the officers with proper validations. I love it for its discipline, dedication of the faculty members and bringing the best out of one candidate.

♦ I changed during the first day itself. But as days passed by, a feeling of ferocious patriotism, optimism developed in me. Earlier I was not on track and had doubts minds where to go in my life, what will be my career, but now I have decided. These 10 days the best days of my life, these filled me with enthusiasm and energy to go to my target.

♦ Academy infrastructure is best in its own way. Everything is best for the healthy environment for a candidate’s development both physically and mentally.

♦ I feel very confident about the upcoming SSB interview. But for that I need to prepare the way the faculty has described. It is the best choice and right decision made by me to join Minerva academy. I am proud to be a Minervan.

♦ I will recommend them. I will describe them what had happened to me, how I changed completely. So, other aspiring candidates will be able to join Minerva academy.

Geeta Yadav

State/City: Ambala, Haryana
SSB Center & Course: Varanasi, AFCAT – 14

♦ I love almost everything about Minerva academy. The whole environment, the hostel, the mess, classrooms, faculty, group task areas, hurdle areas and the people here. The past records of Minerva academy truly make me feel -“INDIA’S FINEST MINERVA’S OWN”. The inspiring wall hangings, almost everywhere, even in the washrooms. The discipline, the lectures we read almost daily. I just love Minerva academy as a whole.

♦ I am more confident about myself, although I always wanted to join the defence services, but after coming here I realized how strongly wants to be part of it. I actually realized who the real heroes are! My whole  point of view /attitude changed towards my life. I learnt family is not merely where you were born or where you have always been living, but you feel to be part of a huge family here. There is nothing being called “Genders” we all are Minervans.

♦ The infrastructure, environment, surroundings just unbeatable. Best environment I have ever lived in. The infrastructure no academy could ever match up, cause it’s not merely about “capital invested”. But cause HOW YOU MAKE IT.!! 

♦ One of the finest decisions I have ever made throughout my life till yet, was to join Minerva academy. Yes, I feel really confident about my SSB & for the rest of my life too.

♦ I would aspire more & more of my friends & juniors to join Minerva academy because being here it’s learning for life.

♦ I am going to miss each & everything every person I met here & the whole faculty may it be the mess boys, my friends, my roomie, the faculty Raj Sir, Ranjit Sir, Many Sir, S.P Singh Sir, OM Sir & everyone else. I really want to come here again & may it be like an officer.