• I feel very enthusiastic after taking coaching here. Because this is an India’s best academy.

  • Infrastructure of Minerva academy is good for studies and learning too. Varieties of books and imagines are available there and helpful management. Help of sincerely.
  • I was here for the written exam coaching. The teaching level was really good. Being from Kerala, I thought if might be a little hard for me to follow the lectures. But the teachers were really helpful. They wouldn’t move on to the next topic without cleaning the doubts and answering the queries.
  • Confidence – that is mainly what I got from here. Minerva academy has surely built up a high level of confidence, determination & will power in me. Now, I have this feeling in me that I will surely pass the written examination.
  • They all should come here and experience the life at Minerva which will surely change their lives.
  • I left studies in 2006. So my mind was clearing (empty of all the bookish knowledge). When I come here I was not sure that getting into line would be easy for me. But the teachers I got here especially Salil sir & Indu Prakash sir are so knowledge that it was really easy for me to understand each & everything. So I am really happy that I am full of knowledge once again as I was years backs. Thanks to our teachers.
  • Everything is excellent.
  • My father did in 1971. I am doing in 2014 and my son will come here.

  • Minerva academy provide me peaceful environment for the study & enhance my skill to appear in the compaction exam of the combined defense requires. All faculty of the Minerva is experienced which is helpful and cooperative.

  • Minerva academy is the best academy. I am b. tech holder but never learn this type of basic knowledge. Whole teaching staff, lift you as you are in your own home. I feel very happy and confidence about myself. I have chosen this academy. I feel proud that I am student of Minerva academy.
DATE – 20/01/2014
  • Interaction with teachers has been the best ever I have experienced in any other institute.
  • After 10 days, I have learnt in any other institute (that’s for sure).
  • The best institute for SSB interview is Minerva academy.
DATE – 29/01/2014
  • The 10 days training here is just what are requires to be physically, mutually ready to face the SSB the planning  of the curriculum is so good that you actually enjoy the classes at every moment.
  • Being a day scholar was accustomed to the classroom, obstacle course the labush football grounds, the lunch at mess, everything was pretty good infect excellent.

DATE – 29/01/2014
  • There wasn’t a single day when I felt away from home.
  • The infrastructure is beyond compare for letter than other academy of the same field. The hostel was very comfortable and welcoming. The grounds and environment was simulating overall, it was an amazing experience.
DATE – 29/01/2014
  • I have read 3 books on SSB, followed interment & money face book pages. But none was anywhere near my coaching at this academy. 


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