Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Student Feedback Page 13

State & City – Punjab, Ludhiana
Phone No – 07696512474
SSB Center & Course – Allahabad  (U.E.S.)

  • I have learned about how to live an honest, truthful, selfless and faithful life. Then I have also learned about my weakness on which I can work upon in my future. I am really thankful to this academy from the core of my heart.

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Prabhjot Singh Pawar

State & City – Punjab, Ludhiana
Phone No – 07696512474
SSB Center & Course –  Allahabad (U.E.S.)

  • I have learned about how to live an honest, truthful, selfless and faithful life. Then I have also learned about my weakness on which I can work upon in my future. I am really thankful to this academy from the core of my heart.
  • I loved each everything about the academy. From the day 1 in the morning when I reached Minerva academy at 8 am on 1st Feb. Raj gave me the admission form. Then I attend classes of few great personalities like Karnal OM Kakkar, Mr obera, Ranjeet Bajaj, Rupam Bajaj. They all have become my mentors. I have learned so much from then. Then comes the best personality “Mani sir” sir ji main thoda fan hogaya. Mani sir has thought me how to make things easy and how to always pup a big smile on your face. So conducing I will have to say I am in love with each and everything. I have taught and met in this academy. It has made me never then I was even before.
  • When I come to Minerva academy 1st Feb 2014 I actually thought that I know a lot about SSB but as the days passed I come to know that I actually knew very little. All the faculty members have taught us so much not only about SSB interview but also about life. I feel great today. I feel like I know myself even better than before. The time phase in Minerva academy was an eye opener for me.
  • Everything was perfect. Infrastructure, ground, hostel, classroom, environment, mess & surroundings everything was great. I wish I could spend some more time here in the academy.
  •  Absolutely, I feel very motivated and after Ranjeet sir’s lecture yesterday I feel really confident about each and every aspect of the interview. I am really thankful to the whole staff & Minerva academy for making me a better person than I was before.
  • Yes, without doubt.

Sandeep Kumar Pal

State & City – Ahmedabad, Gugrat
Phone No – 8128861096
SSB Center & Course – Banglore, TES – 10+2 Course 31

  • The detailed and comprehensive study interaction of faculty member with student’s Practical exercise for each test planning out mistakes and short coming of every individual and also the way about how to overcome it. Encouragement for sports immersive motivation to each and every student. 
  • The food provided in mess is better than even a hostel. Classrooms are well maintained and informative as well.
  • Feeling pretty confident I think this time. I will make through SSB. The coaching standard is a class by itself. What I learned in these 10 days can’t be written on paper. But yes, it is going to affect me for whole life.
  • Provides better food, hygienic, good environment, ground is the place where I wanted to go after every class. Even 5 minutes on ground refresh me. Surroundings are totally awesome. There are no commercial banks, canteens etc, so there are no distractions. The trophies in classroom provokes us to have an a achievement in life.
  • I definitely feel like I am going to make it. Things seem much easier for me now. Also, I found out about my mistakes and short comings. 
  • I have already recommended many candidates.
  • The standard of this institute is just awesome. The motivational topic in every lecturer gives energy to be attentive throughout the lecture. The way of interaction is also best.   

Utkarsh Yadav

State & City – U.P. Lucknow
Phone No – 7785801037
SSB Center & Course – Not know till now, DTA entry

  • I love the fact that it is the only institute that I have found which not only towards your goal but towards having a positive outlook towards life.
  • Every small thing of the infrastructure was so conducive to make you inspire & I really appreciate the Mani Hall, the way it was done all the posters all the quotations all the trophies all the information about the forces, all the respect that they have shown for our gallantry heroes, all the notice boards and diligently searched articles being put there.  
  • I have learned about how to line an honest, truthful, selfless and faithful life. Then I have also learned about my weakness on which I can work upon in my future. I am really thankful to this academy from the core of my heart.
  • Just love the way they shape u.
  • The dedication of the whole staff (Mani sir particular)
  • The scientifically designed procedure
  • The hospitality that they show & some guiding lights that really make u fear special u – Ranjeet sir (bundle of energy)
  • All I can say after 10 days of coaching that the academy has really managed to make it difficult for me to leave the place. Yes now I believe they really meant when they said (Ranjeet sir m particular) I will see a lot of difference when you have this place. It was so true.
  • It was me thing very unusual, their love for pets, (MOZO sply and specially the respect for the deserving national and also beautiful garden behind, I happened to see it coy we were winding to smoke there :) It was wonderful.
  • Not only do I find myself more confident but a more refined resolved human being with so much of enthusiasm being pumped in and when u can have so much of positivity and driving forces behind u, I believe not only SSB it can be any goal that u can achieve. I am so happy that I came here, though martially was thinking that its taking too much effort but now I can say it was all worth.
  • I will go out of my ways to recommend this place to every guy. I meet who not only plan to go to forces but also who have trouble thinking positive m life.
  • In the end I would like to say “sometimes its tremendous energy that u have but all u need is a good guide”. I am not about the result anymore, I just enjoyed the process. Ranjeet sir, special message 4 u (or rock star).
  • I have seen so many people in the defense organization who are so passionate for u the country & forces but this is the 1st time I saw somebody who is not the part of the organization & for more passionate. Somebody with qualification like u could have done so many more glamour’s thing but really respect or decision to influence the future of army forces. It’s a commendable thing not many people can do this. All I can say have just become a fan of u. hope to stay in touch with u m future.

Harsh Kumar

State & City – Uttar Pradesh, Bareli
Phone No – 7599338978/7599005627
SSB Center & Course – Mysore – AFCAT TGC – 119 not allowed.

  • I would say that, no one can be much more confident or no one can make you much more confident then Minerva academy. The experience I had in past 10 days is one of the best moments in life. The routine & study materials helped me a lot in brushing my skills and allow me to seek & develop other qualities as well.
  • The environment and surroundings are icing on cake, as it makes Minerva as better learning center. These weren’t a single day when I didn’t play football or volleyball, because these sort of grounds are not much available in our cities.
  • It would be the only option I give to people of anyone wants to be a better. Person is world as well as for aspiring candidates.
  • It is love to Minerva academy only, that made us all so attached to it in just 10 days. The best faculty and teaching methods, Minerva has, is at par of the excellence. Mani sir dialogues, Om Kakkar sir humorus speeches Oberoi sir’s ultimate teaching methods & SP Singh guidance was always being the core of love, we had for Minerva.
  • When I came very first to Minerva academy, I want expecting all these facilities that Minerva had. Through which I came to know the potentials I have.
  • I would say again, that none can be much more confident anywhere in would for SSB interview their at Minerva academy. Ranjit sir is lectures are the one that made me affected so much & boost me up with confidence. I personality never felt that my morale is down for any interview, by the way of his teachings.
  • And a word to Ranjit sir & all the faculties, that, ab commission cheen ke hi lautenge!!
  • Respect & salute to Minerva academy.