Monday, November 3, 2014


State/City: Meerut, U.P
SSB Center& Course: Allahbad, TES

♦ Most premiere institute or academy of SSB coaching. Highly experienced faculty members. Teaches a student in systematic manner. Remove all doubts and friendly.

♦ I can see there is a drastic change in lifestyle and my attitude. It also enhanced my confidence level and has cleared all of my doubts so that I can face SSB confidently.

♦ All the things in Minervacademy are appreciable. It was an awesome experience of my life. Special the information through cutting of newspaper is fabulous way of teaching or gaining knowledge.

♦ By all means I am confident for my SSB interview and I am sure that I will definitely get commission.

♦ Yeah, my choice to coming to Minervacademy was right. It has developed my life style and definitely will help me in attain my goal of life. Thanks to Minerva academy.

♦ Of course I will recommend the entire students who are in need of ssb coaching. And after the success I will promote this academy for my success. But I think this academy does not need any advertisement as its reputation is already so high. Because of its appreciable work it has done.


Course: NDA
Duration: 8 weeks
State/City: Himachal Pradesh

♦ The atmosphere here is very good and behavior is very friendly.

♦ Feeling well as compared to my old knowledge I have learnt so much here, which will help me in my NDA written exam.

♦ The infrastructure of the academy is very good. I had never seen any academy with all facilities like excellent playground, mess classroom and environment.

♦ I felt confident for my upcoming exam because rather than studies Minerva academy gives me motivational spirits. This comes first in my life more than studies.

♦ Yes, I recommend other candidates to be a part of the academy because it is not excellent but very good academy as compare to any other DEFENSE ACADEMY IN INDIA.


State/City: J&K
SSB Center & Course: Allahabad (TES)

♦ Minerva academy the name which makes the future of India. I am very glad to be trained in it. There are many things which I love about Minervacademy and will love till my death. The care taken by Minerva academy staff is to be honored.  I did not feel any day that at Minervacademy that I am at strange place. I feel like living in my home. The environment was the best. Minerva academy helped me to know my weakness’ and strength which I will not able to know. The pain the teacher take and dedication with which they taught us is marvelous. I pray to god to keep this blessing on Minerva academy and help them to make the best and real heroes of the country.

♦ Being trained in Minerva academy has changed my life. I have fear of indulge in discussions. But now I am confident even to speak in front of thousands of people. I saw lots of improvement in my physical work also. Also all my hesitation has been removed.

♦ The infrastructure of Minervacademy is best for training. It has peace full environment. I food served in the mess is the tastiest food I have ever eaten. I have seen no mess in which staff member also eats the food served to children. The behavior of the staff was best ever. Classrooms are well built and inspire us about Indian forces. The photos of the hero’s also inspire me. Minerva academy is best academy ever. I want one more day to be here but that is not possible.

♦ I am very confident for my upcoming interview because I know that is to be done in those five days. All my hesitation has been removed. It is the right and best decision I have ever taken in my life.

♦ Yes, I will recommend Minerva academy. It is the best academy now I feel that things they teach us not only helps in SSB interview but it is for entire life.


State/City: Punjab, Patiala
SSB Center & Course: Allahabad (TES)

♦ I love the way of teaching at Minerva academy. Teaching improves the practical knowledge of individual. I loved the thing that academy did not provide the notes but explained everything practically. I made lots of friends and enjoyed every movement of Minerva academy.

♦ I have become a more confident and determined person after spending ten days. I was bit shy and has stage fear, but ten days of practice of group discussions and speeches have transformed me into a confident person.

♦ Yes, I am confident about my upcoming SSB interview. Yes, I made the right choice by coming to Minervacademy.

♦ The infrastructure of academy is very good. Everything is neat and clean. The food in the mess was very tasty. Academy has large sports grounds which are lush green. The environment in the academy is very healthy.

♦ Yes, I will recommend Minervacademy to every candidate aspiring to join the armed forces.


Course: CDS
Duration: 8weeks
State/City: J&K, Kathua

♦ Whole of the Minerva academy faculty is good but the most impressive thing according to me is “Ranjit Bajaj Sir” I learned a lot from him.

♦ Previously I was totally zero in humanities because I am a B. Tech student but after coming to Minerva academy, My confidence level increases and now I found humanities easier.

♦ I do not know about mess and hostel because I am day scholar. But ground sports class room facilities are excellent.

♦ I need a lot of hard work yes I feel confident about my upcoming exam.

♦ Yes, Definitely I will recommend Minerva academy to other aspiring candidates.


Course: NDA
Duration: 4 weeks
State/City: Dharamshala, H.P

♦ Minerva has provided me an opportunity to gain an experience I will not forget it has helped me to do well in my regular tests and has brought about a very good change in my perception. Thank you, For such a good environment that you provided us. The infrastructure is very well maintained and facilities are even also good.

♦ Yes, I would recommend Minerva academy for aspiring candidates as it provides exhaustive preparation of the exam and even builds up your overall personality here.

♦ The management is quite co-operative and helpful in providing assistance to students and taken care of every problem a student came across in Minerva. So I give it a four star.


State/City: Ambala Cant, Haryana
SSB Center & Course: Bhopal

♦ The first thing I loved Minerva academy was its faculty members and there affords to teach us the simplest to toughest things. The kind of principle, teachers I got here cannot get anywhere in India.

♦ Initially I used to be very shy and was one of the non-speakers. But after two three days in GD and speech sessions I came to know that I can be a good speaker and finally I started speaking a lot in GD and speeches. The level of confidence I got here was awesome. (Special credit to Ranjit Bajaj sir)

♦ The infrastructure I found here was nowhere in any academy. The hostel boys were too friendly and loving. The food that we got in the mess was up to the mark. Grounds were large enough to play two, three games simultaneously.  All the facilities were too good. Classroom environment and surrounding were very good. I got the same thing which I thought before coming to academy.

♦ Defiantly I feel very confident about my upcoming SSB interview. Yeah, I am DAMN sure that I had made the best decision to come here for ssb coaching.

♦ I would feel awesome which telling about the perfectness of minerva academy to my known, friends and mates. If any body ask for SSB coaching I would definitely give his my first and last choice “Minerva”