Tuesday, January 20, 2015


State/City: New Delhi

♦ One of the major things which I love about Minervacademy is that teaching technique and their practical usage made me to think out of the box. This has boost up my confidence!!

♦ After 10 days there are many changes in me like now I am more confident about myself. I have better understanding of things and procedure, I can handle various situations very comfortably which I may not be able to handle if I have gone without coming here.

♦ Academy infrastructure is pretty good. It has been designed in such a way that needs and want of every candidate if fulfilled in effective and efficient manner. Each and every aspect of academy is quite good hostel mess grounds, sports facilities, classrooms, environment etc is really nice and there is nothing which I do not love about this academy.

♦ Yes, I feel confident about myself now and can counter any hurdles I face in my life. As far as decision making is concerned this is one of the finest decision I have taken in my life till now.

♦ Yes of-course I will recommend to any of my friends or relatives who wants to join the armed forces.


State/City: Varodra, Gujrat
SSB Center & Course: NDA

♦ There is nothing I do not love about this great institution from its infrastructure to its mess to its auditorium everything is fabulous. I love the sports facility provided to the students and the fields.

♦ When I arrived here on the first day, I was introvert and was not able to create a bonding with someone whom I have met for the first time. Institution polished the skins we had to perfection and groomed us to an extent where we did not think we could even be.

♦ I am now much more confident about everything and can subsequently feel to improve then even more by staying in touch with this institution as long as I am alive.

♦ The infrastructure is excellent. The hostel and mess were good. The food did not give us a feeling that we were not at home. The hostels were clean and awesome. Frankly, this is my first stay in hostel in my life and first stay is one I will never forget.

♦ Yes, I feel pretty confident about my upcoming SSB interview and feel that I will easily crack it. I go by the principles of a great institution.

♦ I never thought about my decision to be right on wrong about Minerva. Because, There is no institution in this country which can match the standards of this institution.

♦ Therefore, the one who chooses Minerva has never made a mistake in choosing the institution.

♦ I will always recommend Minerva Academy to all Aspirants.


State/City: Patiala, Punjab
SSB Center & course: Bhopal (Navy) TES

♦  After having first glance of academy, I was dam sure that I have made a best decision. The faculty member & their co-operative nature make me love about Minerva academy also I came to know about my hidden qualities that were shown to me here.

First and the most important change that took place was transformation of dishonesty to honesty. I am proud to be honest man now. Here I came to know about my physical endurance and the way to live with friends who were once stranger to me.

Academy infrastructure is awesome and is incomparable. Hostel was pretty good. Grounds sports facilities were best surrounding is such fabulous that it gives us way to be in nature.  Mess was good as we have food with all friends makes us feel like heaven at the time.

Ya definitely I am confident for my upcoming ssb interview.  I made best choice of my life to be here in such a worthy & affectionate environment. I love Minerva academy and proud to be minervan now.

Off-course, I will recommend this beautiful academy to other candidates and I will them to meet Mani Sir, Who’s has awesome ability to make ounce’s happy Ranjit sir is the best who empowered & increase the desire to become an officer in Indian armed forces.


State/City: HP, Shimla
SSB Center & Course: Coimbatore-TES Navy

♦ The Minerva is all in one academy.  There is no such thing that I do not like about the academy. This academy is day by day growing. The surrounding the faculty, the delicious food, games, the room all is wonderful.

♦ I am much more confident my stage fear is almost disappeared; I have increased my concentration & have become more hard working.

♦ The infrastructure is very good hostel is good, the food served in mess is first class, sports facility are wonderful, play as long as you want. Classrooms are good and have been surrounded by beautiful surroundings.

♦ Yes, I am fully confident for my upcoming SSB interview, Yes, This is one of the best decisions that I have ever made in my life and I am proud of it.

♦ Yes, I would surely recommend Minerva academy to my friends because the carrier orientation given is awesome!

♦ I am proud that I am a part of Minerva and will always cherish the time spent here with my friends.


SSB Center & Course: Territorial Army
State/City: Jammu & Kashmir

♦ The faculty members of Minervacademy are very helpful, loving and most important part is that they do not treat us like students. They treat us like their own children and that’s why I will always remember these 10 days which I spent here in the academy campus. I will really miss hotel, mess and my friends which I had made here. They will be my long life friends. I will really Miss Mani Sir, Oberio sir and specially Ranjit sir lecture.

♦ Before joining Minervacademy there was perception in my mind that I could make it in Ssb without taking coaching. And I was confident that I know everything but after joining academy I came to know that my perception was wrong. I was lacking in so many areas but faulty members of Minervacademy help me out to tackle those problems and they have now groomed me so well that I would now see a huge change in myself after these 10 days. Now I am more confident and now I am even more dedicated and passionate to join the army. 

♦ The academy Infrastructure is perfect, Environment here is very pleasing and pollution free and food served in mess is very good and students here in the academy can play any sports they want to play. There is not any type of restriction and the classroom environment is very disciplined and everyone present in the class is very focused and they listen what faculty is saying.

♦ Now after joining Minervacademy I am fully confident that I will definitely make it in SSB because main thing which help in achieving it is honesty, originality and these two things are so well taught in Minerva academy that no one can fail any aspect of life and most important thing is that academy build up so much confidence in person that they can face any obstacle to achieve their goal. I would consider best decision of my life till date that I had joined Minerva Academy because after joining academy I came to know about myself that actually what qualities are in me and how to know them.

♦ I would definitely recommend Minerva Academy to other candidates because this is the best SSB Coaching institute in India and they will definitely make it in SSB because they will train the candidates so well and they prepared so mentally well that they will not have any kind of fear any kind of interview.

♦ In the end, I would specially hanks Ranjit sir for encouraging and making me more confident to achieve my childhood dreams of joining army. After your lecture I am feeling more confident.
Thanks Minerva Academy


State/City: Gwalior (M.P)
SSB Center & Course:  Bangalore (JAG) Gandhinagar (AFCAT)

♦ It was my second entrance in Minerva and was lucky to here and part of 60th anniversary celebration. I love each and every part about Minerva faculty, administration, mess [Food is the hunting part] The burst of motivation and encouragement which is given by Ranjit sir is exceptionally outstanding which fill us with zeal & Zest and above all with extravagant & torrent of patriotism, which is prior for this profession we choose.

♦ Number of positive changes turned up in me as punctuality, strengthened a lot, not to give up at any cost and top of all is working hard in only direction that is towards the goal. I feel myself much more determined and personified.

♦ As Minerva is located in outskirts of the city it gives the best possible facilities of open surrounding, vast grounds for games and physical activities which is required when you are preparing for SSB. So I feel everything at its height.

♦ The girl's hostel is much more organized this time, thanks to Helena mam, And as I have already mentioned that mess is the hunting part, food is best in taste & healthy too.

♦ Yes am confident, as here I was guided by exceptionally best faculty, Mani Sir, Kakkad Sir, Oberoi sir, Commodore SP Singh Sir, I am looking forward for my SSB very positively with confidence, Thanks to Minerva.

♦ Yes, definitely I will recommend Minerva to other aspirants.  So JOSH H Full on…..

♦ Hope I will make it and will have privilege to visit academy with besan ke laddos for faculty.

♦ It was life time experience and had thousands of good qualities in me to be an office and a good human being more than it..


State/City: Alwar, Rajasthan

♦ I love every inch of Minerva academy. Minerva academy is my own home. Everything that belongs to Minerva academy: I love that. I love the picture hanging on the wall which kept me motivated. The audio-visual aids given were a lot to ignite the officer inside. The playground awesome and specially obstacles courses. I cannot express the love and respect I have for Minerva academy. Once I entered the premises the warmth is the thing which affected me most. I am proud to say that I am a Minervan.

♦ I got to know where I am weak and what my strengths are. In fact, I totally polished myself. The guidance and knowledge imparted by best ever a teacher was of utmost importance. I was someone else when I came in and am leaving the academy as some else.

♦ I love everything that belongs to Minerva and had best possible facilities and the best environment one can get who is an aspiring of the armed forces.

♦ I made the best choice in my life by deciding armed forces in my carrier and second best choice was joining Minerva academy.  I have been an ex-student written so it was certain for me to join the academy because this is place which got call letter for SSB. I am confident enough that I can give assurance of clearing SSB.

♦ I would certainly recommend Minerva academy to as many people as I know who aspirants of joining armed forces are. Rather, I take it as responsibility because I am a Minervan and it is my own academy.