Thursday, April 10, 2014

Akshay Singh Bhadouna

Course – CDS - afcat
Mobile – 8109316528
State/City – MP/Gwalior

  • Minerva academy is the best Academy in India in terms of written coaching as well as in SSB for the defense aspirants.
  •  I have not seen a library consisting vast study material expect Minerva academy.
  • The admin stallion wing is also very useful for the students. As it provides different-different model papers of the exams. At any time when we asked them to do so.
  • I feel great after getting coaching from the academy. This was my first experience outside my home town. And it ends well.
  • Academy infrastructure is very good here, hostel are spacious and furniture is also good, mess, I consider it as the best mess in the northern India and the food quality is awesome, nutritious. Ground facility is also very good, classrooms are big and well maintained chairs and desk are of good quality. Environment and surroundings are very close to nature. The environment we get here is of great use in completion full of studying. Overall my experience was outstanding and will be very useful in farther life.
  • Every part of the academy is of great importance. The main part of it was written faculty, administration and library. It provides books from various fields like physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, general knowledge of a student and provides them an extra edge as compare to others. The news section was very beneficial for the students and consists of national newspaper and magazines like TIME, FRONTLINE, INDIA TODAY etc. they are very helpful towards us and give their best to help us. Vicky sir is very helpful and hard working towards his job and regarding student welfare.
  • Our admin also plays a role of our mentor and a friend. He is very candid and cordial and our admin sirloin wing encourages us to crack the exam and develop our skills in which field. I learn so much from here which will be beneficial for me in the future time. My GS, mathematics, reasoning section was weak but here I learned about them quickly by the suggestion of our faculty. My classmates helped me a lot during the course to recognize my weakness & they helped me to develop my strong points. Ranjit sir and Heena maim motivated. The students for their success in the exam. I have learnt a lot from them and I wish that one day I could possesses their qualities in me. Specially their communication skills and confidence.
  • I feel confident to crack the CDS exam in my next attempt coming this year. I am sure I will be an officer.
  • Yes, I will recommend Minerva Academy to other aspiring candidates for written as well as for SSB.

Shubham Thakur

Course – NDA
Mobile – 7508753802, 8968093711

  • My love to Minerva Academy is so that if I achieve my goal then it will be because of Minerva Academy only.
  • It is producing India’s finest since 1955.
  • If any ask me my view about any then academy, I have some points and views to say. But only one also asks views about Minerva academy, they I have no views about it Minerva Academy is word less. It is such a good and disciplined Academy I have even seen. My love to it is Minerva should reach on top of all academies. To keep its achievement constant and make it higher in academies and SSB coaching, I perform to take coaching at Minerva academy.
  • My feeling after coaching at Minerva academy is good. When I came here I was not able to adapt here but slowly-slowly as the time passed I felt good studying in this academy. I full confident and well I learn about time management of complete a paper, current affairs. I full that in coming year, there will be more students in Minerva academy who will be taking coaching for NDA or SSB army other courses.
  •  When I came here, I saw a written line on the logo board of Minerva Academy and also everywhere. On websites that. It thought since 1995 it is producing the finest and make student fit for exams and SSB coaching but when I came here; I can surely say that statement is true. It will and it is producing finest student now. In past and will make students finest in future.
  • Now about Minerva produces Mr. Ranjit sir who is the best teacher who I have ever met. Ranjit sir is an enthusiastic man who is full of energy and positive view. One who never think and bring thought of negative views. Ever tells us that the current affairs, tell like we are his own children and also helps in all problem.
  • About Miss Hema Singh Bajaj who is the M.D, of the academy is a good and one who care and helps to so that we can achieve our goals. She also helps in maintain the discipline and studies.
  • About Minerva academy infrastructure – it has good and well maintained infrastructure with will hardware and hostel will good and proper facilities all the facilities in Minerva one good are best provided. The environment is good and is proper for self study or classroom studies. All the admin staffs members with Vicky sir.
  • About:-
  • Vicky sir – one and only teacher who stay with us as a friend and as well as teacher. He has all the qualities one a teacher as well as a admin staff member need, how to talk, way of talking, way of handling proper’s, way of teaching so in coming fears he will also have his progress / hand in Minerva progress.
  • And – all other staff members are also cooperative and one helpful.
  • Yes I full confident to give my exam. But I am studying in 10th at present which means I am not eligible for exam. But I will give my exam and will give in a sense that is my first and last exam. So we have got notes which will help us to improve and get more and more knowledge.
  • Yes, I will aspire other candidate for joining Minerva academy because, the facilities we are getting here are much enough to computer on NDA exam CDS or any other exams. I will surely ensure you that in coming years everyone will come to Minerva and join it. I will till every one the finest academy to our future is the Minerva academy. 

Harmaandeep Singh Bhullar

Course – CDS
Mobile – 9888396677

  • I love Minerva because of the sports ground where I spent evening hours. Due to the regular practice I loss nine kg weight.
  • I know that I am not good in study or academy performance but due to the negative things in me, after that I really love the Minerva academy. I love the football from my childhood when I see the football pole in the ground. I really exited my friends and me in the weekend we all play football with full power and in good mood. I like those persons in my life who motivate me, so “Ranjeet sir” is good motivation for me and forever.
  • I feel that I am little bit command on English language, earlier & never speak or confidence to speak but after the indu sir English lecture my confidence level go to the higher level were only I stand. Other lecturer ‘salil sir‘ is good lecturer and very good speaker who motivate me time to time. I learn that huminility is good thing so make friends day by day and this process I really learnt from Minerva. Handles’ or obstacles which are in the sports ground motivate me that “Bhullar” you can do everything in the world. “Heena” maim is very good nature and kind also because one day I see that maim teacher a little give who unable to go school I think. Today I can receive a autograph of my favorite teacher “Indu sir”. One dialogue is too good “Masha alla” kah baat hai. Sir u r good teacher for me forever.

Abhishek Choudhry

Course – NDA
Mobile – 9882137925

  • The inspiring lectures made by each teacher have only helped me to learn only one thing to concentrate and focus on one goal that is Indian army forces.
  • After my four weeks of experience of Minerva academy helped me to learn many new things. The motivating and inspiring lectures by all teachers helped me to boost my confidence. One thing which I loved about Minerva academy that they cared for everyone and treated them equally. These four weeks have actually increased my moral. And from this academy I have actually come to know about many things and beware about everything. I love about Minerva academy its indulgence in every field which actually helped me in my physical, social and mental development. So there’s not only one thing about Minerva academy I love but it had totally regain me once again.
  • After coaching at Minerva academy I am very glad because it has increased my knowledge to vast extent. And how to deal with each and every circumstance. And such experience and knowledge can’t be gained from anywhere. Hence it has totally encouraged me to clear this NDA paper and have to enter Indian army forces by hook or by gook. The inspiring lectures had actually boosted my confidence and moral. Therefore I have gained many things from Minerva academy.
  • The Academy’s infrastructure, hostel, mess grounds, classrooms and library are clean. And atmosphere is best for studying and all other co-curricular activities. Everything is neat and clean. Library and classrooms are very well maintained which acts as the best atmosphere for a student to study. The campus is as well maintained as a butterfly is attracted towards sweet nectar. The cool air helps a student to refresh his mind and soul. The campus especially the auditorium is well maintained the banners and the posters which are on the walls everywhere in mess, hostel and auditorium has increased my knowledge about the army forces. I am very glad to be a part of Minerva academy.
  • Yes, I am very confident for my NDA exam. And it’s sure that I win crack written examination. Sure I will return back for SSB interview. Therefore Minerva academy has in increased my confidence level up to such extent that at certain stage it seemed to crack NDA was very difficult but after visit to Minerva academy it is sure that I will succeed and will be able to accomplish my goals.
  • Yes, I will recommend Minerva academy to all other candidates who want to go in army forces. As its India’s no. 1 institute for written as well as SSB. From here all the candidates will be able to accomplish their goals and hence will feel make their country proud. I will recommend to all my friends and natives who wish to enter army forces.
  • I suggest to every candidate to join Minerva academy because it will help you to boost your confidence and if someone wants to enter into army forces I will surely recommend him to join Minerva academy. I will give information to all my friends and natives who want to join army forces.

Kul Bhushan

Course – NDA
Mobile – 9418472435

  • Minerva Academy is the best academy I have ever seen, the campus is very beautiful, free from every pollution and part from it the most important is the education I got from here. Here in the Minerva academy, I loved every aspect of it. I loved the way the teachers taught us.
  • Here the infrastructure is great. Hostel is great, rooms are so clean and neat, fully equipped with all the facilities, mess is also great. The food which they give us is very healthy and tasty. No other academy can give us so many facilities.
  • The way, they remained friendly with us here in the Minerva academy, every aspect was heart touching. There are no words to express my love for Minerva academy. I loved everything here. Most fascinating here for me was the class of Sir Ranjit Bajaj.
  • I feel very nice after showing received coaching at Minerva academy. When I came here I was something else and now when I am going, I am something else. I have developed much confidence in myself. Now I feel that I will surely become an officer. After having coaching at Minerva academy, I have started feeling like an officer. This feeling is very great patristic feelings have also come in me.
  • Minerva academy infrastructure, hostel, mess, grounds, classrooms, environment and surroundings are really very beautiful. It is such a large campus and very beautiful. The grounds are very nice. Every sport can be played here. The SSB training obstacles are very fascinating. Classrooms are also very beautiful, the way we received tea during class times was very fascinating. Environment and surroundings are the most beautiful. Everywhere around is greenery. I have learned a lot of things from here
  • Yes, I feel confident for my NDA exam. Just a little more effort and I will be an army officer. Minerva academy has opened the door for me to clear the NDA exam and now I just have to enter that room and clear the written and after clearing the NDA exam. I will surely come back here for SSB training. Here all the teachers have filled in me every aspect of education. Now I feel, I am complete here I gained most inspiration from Sir Vicky. I want to build an attitude like him. The way be took care of us way was most fascinating.
  • Yes, I would really recommend Minerva academy to other aspiring candidates. This is the best institute for SSB and written coaching. No other academy can provide us so much. At last but not the least it is the best academy.
  • I have only one suggestion to never to stop this work because Minerva academy is building the future of many people. Minerva academy is forming the base of Indian army. So I would only suggest to never stop this work and to continue this work for ages.