Monday, May 26, 2014

Somu Tiwari

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  • Minerva academy provides us on opportunity to interact with people from all over India. it's full of diversity. we should some really wonderful bonds with the faculty members & also made friends for a lifetime.
  • The learning experience at Minerva academy was wonderful & very comprehensive. it wanted as a catalyst to help us activate our hidden & inbuilt qualities of which we were earlier not aware. it also taught us the out of leadership, communication, effective speaking & helped us to develop the quality to work in teams. the individual distaste course provided us a real SSB experience & developed us to improve our physical & mental condition.
  • The academy has a well developed infrastructure & uncongenial hostel environment, flow ever, if possible at times non-veg should be provided. (only a suggestion.)
  • Yes, I feel very confident for the interview as well as the whole SSB selections.
  • I would definitely recommend Minerva academy to other aspiring candidates.
  • You guys are doing a great job.
  • Proud to be a Minerva.

Vishurocks Verma

  • Coming here was one of the best decision that I have taken up to yet.
  • I realized myself and the abilities that I had. I come to know myself better here. The atmosphere was just fantastic for the whole 10 days. The friends I made I won’t be able to forget them thought my life. All the staff especially Mani sir will be always remembered by me in my heart due to the amount of things. That they have taught us. Overall it was one of the wisest decisions that I took.
  • I feel extremely confident and more out spoken. I was afraid of myself but now I am confident and a positive thinking has developed in my mind about thinks. I think this academy has helped me to know myself.
  • Al things are very good. The food is good the facilities that we are provided is well and the environment in the classroom is awesome.
  • Yes, I definitely on confident enough that I will crack SSB and come here again as a commissioned officer.
  • Yes, I would love to recommend Minerva academy to my friends as it is really help self to introspect yourself.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Sukhwinder Singh

Course - AFCAT
  • Minerva academy in my view is very best of my whole life. I am B.Tech holder but never ever learn this type of basic questions. whole teaching staff, admen and even the staff lift you as you are in your own home.
  • I feel very confident about myself that oi have choose this i am not worried about what happened to be next.
  • After coaching at Minerva academy i feel confident about myself. I learn to maintain discipline in my life from this academy.
  • It is my pleasure that i take coaching from such a good environment. Academy's classroom, hostel, mess, all are cleaned and environment of classrooms is always good for study.
  • Yes, i feel full confident for my exam. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Kamaljeet Singh

Course – NDA
E-mail –
State/City – Khanna, Punjab
  • Facilities, knowledge, infrastructure and teacher’s way of teaching everything of Minerva academy I love. There are great facilities we got a great knowledge I got here that I never got everywhere else. This academy is world’s best academy that I think.
  • I feel confident after coaching of Minerva. The coaching I got here, I think, I clear my written exam in just 1st attempt and I came back at Minerva for SSB. I learn lot of things from here specially to be on time from here what I learnt I know but the teachings from here make me very confident and I think myself a great officer hearing all officers like qualities I proud to be a Minerva. I have no interest in humanities before coaching Minerva but have interest in all other subjects but during coaching at Minerva I learn the simplest way for making interest in humanities also.
  • This academy has a good infrastructure than any other academy that I find about the infrastructure. The academy locates in a pollution free area and in a totally noise free area where students can study easily without any disturbance and with much more concentrations. It’s totally locates in a clean & green area with fresh air in which a person can feel the real environment. Hostels are clean and fresh where students live like their home.
  • Mess is clean and fresh and tasty food which we never got anywhere else. Everyday fresh fruits and vegetables are given to the students. The food \is so healthy which a person needs for his well being for playing interesting games and sports of one’s choice, beautiful, clean & well maintained grounds are available with proper equipment of every sport. For studying with full concentration and for excellent knowledge, with great teachers, good classrooms are also available with good infrastructure and proper means of study with all modern technologies like smart class. The environment of classroom is so good so that a student has his own willing to study there and to gain more knowledge.
  • Yes, I feel very confident for my NDA exam which was going too held in September. I gain a great knowledge from Minerva and here a big confidence for clearing the exam and come again in this beautiful & world’s best academy again for SSB.        


Course – NDA
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State/City – Baijnath, H.P.
  • I love the education staff and education which they give to me. It is the best academy in our country in my point of view with the facilities like hostels playground and mostly about the education and I love mostly about the equality status which was given to every cadet.
  • After coaching at Minerva academy, I am feeling very much confident about my written examination NDA test in academy I also learn to be self dependent here I interacted with many students.
  • The infrastructure of our academy is good. The academy is with full of facilities with the playground. Mess, hostel and education room and not the last but library with full of valuable books it consists of. The environment around the academy is very good the food service of mess in academy is very good. The nutritional food is given in mess. Playgrounds are also important in academy is library where we can read any valuable books.
  • Firstly the ratio of my qualifying of written examination is 20% of pass and 50% of not qualifying test. Now I have confidence that I can pass the written test well. Now I have ratio of 75% of being pass and 25% to not quality but I will do my best to make it 100% by practicing.
  • Yes, I will suggest Minerva academy to other aspirants who are logging in their written and SSB interview test. It is the best academy which helps the aspirant to perform well in tests.
  • Time limit of classes of each subject should be increase. The time table should be outside the classroom such that the student come to know about their classes of next day and can appear in classes.

Sanjeev Kumar Ray

Course – NDA
E-mail –
State/City – Punjab, Bathinda
  • The best thing about Minerva academy is its well -built infrastructure constructed on a peaceful place. It helps us to or it promotes us to study hard and achieve our goals. The food provided to the students is also very clean and healthy. The library is also good and provides all the relevant books needed for our examination. It also provides us a liable sports infrastructure.
  • Yes, I have gained confidence in me so as to clear my exam specially because of the extra knowledge of the various subjects gained.
  • Minerva offers a very good opportunity to clear our exam by having the best and faithful faculty. The teachers are very much knowledge and much friendly to clear all of our doubts. I have gained a lot much so as to clear my exam especially in math and social studies.
  • Academy is infrastructure, hostel, mess, classroom are all good and inspiring to me. The hostel facilities given to us are clear and hygienic so as for the concept of studying.
  • Our English sir Mr. Indu Prakash was as good as to learn my grammar especially because I am never being interested in studying grammar. It will be very useful for us in solving exam questions. Our sociology teacher was also very good due to their extreme knowledge of various subjects such as geography polity & history etc.
  • Yes, as if I have been inspired greatly by coming to this academy. I would definitely recommend to all my friends aspiring for NDA especially for SSB. Hence, it had been altogether a very beautiful experience on being a part of one of the best NDA teaching institute in India.

Rohit Kumar

Course – NDA
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State/City – Bathinda, Punjab
  • Everything about Minerva academy was outstanding, especially the mess. The myth about hostel food but you will find contrary here the food was delicious and the variety that they tend to afford was outstanding. The environment of the academy was very peaceful and beautiful because we were unrounded by the shriller range.
  • Minerva academy is one of the best academy for NDA aspirants because there is no restriction on anything, liberal M.D. especially Ranjit sir. The sports facility and environment (historical trees) are extraordinary and the newspaper cutting and defense pictures all around the academy was enough to aroma the patriot him feeling inside us.
  • I feel very proud to learn from the Minerva academy although I was having problem with the time management but eventually everything seems to be alright and now I have very good command on my subject.
  • Yes, I am very much confident and I will certainly clear NDA this time because the faculty was very good especially English & polity. Salil sir was one of the best teachers. I have even met in my life. The way he teaches history is commendable.
  • Because it is not easy to teach history after 2:00pm and lunch but still he managed to teach us and first time I didn’t slept in history period.
  • Certainly I would recommend every NDA aspirant to join Minerva academy if they want any assistant because others institute are waste of money and Minerva is best of money.