Wednesday, February 26, 2014

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  • There are many things which I loved, some of them are:-
  • It's open infrastructure, open tasks and obstacles
  • Both football and basketball ground and we can play any time when we are free.
  • Best experience of my life.
  • Chance To study new and enjoyable.
  • Funny and fully understanding lectures.
  • Interacting with friends in English which builds up confidence.
  • I realized myself and the abilities that I had. I come to know myself better here. The atmosphere was just fantastic for the whole 10 days. The friends I made I won’t be able to forget them thought my life. All the staff especially Mani sir will be always remembered by me in my heart due to the amount of things. That they have taught us. Overall it was one of the wisest decisions that I took.
  • I feel extremely confident and more out spoken. I was afraid of myself but now I am confident and a positive thinking has developed in my mind about thinks. I think this academy has helped me to know myself.
  • Al things are very good. The food is good the facilities that we are provided is well and the environment in the classroom is awesome.
  • Yes, I definitely on confident enough that I will crack SSB and come here again as a commissioned officer.
  • Yes, I would love to recommend Minerva academy to my friends as it is really help self to introspect yourself.


DATE – 10/01/2014

  • I love the faculty especially Ranjeet sir and Oberoy sir. I’ll miss these ten days spend here.
  • I feel so good to be a part of this academy. Confidence level really increased after 10 days. I made many friend for life and I’m gonna miss them all.
  • Everything was so good especially the ground and the football.
  • The football ground and group task class of Ranjit sir.
  • I feel so good to be a part of this academy. Confidence level really increased after 10 days. I made many friend for life and I’m goanna miss them all.
  • Classroom environment was also really very nice and calm.
  • Yes, I’ll always remember those interview classes of Mrs. Bajaj and sir Ranjit. They will always motivate me to be confident whenever I go. I’ll lovely come here basic to meet the faculty after selected.
  • I’ll surely recommend all the faculty member and Raj Bhaiya for being so helping and loving. I’ll miss u all.



  • The fun I had here, the food, the football ground, the obstacle course, the hostel, the fire place, the hot water etc etc. and of course the teachings imported here was extraordinary. Thanks for the concession to Sanik school students.
  • After my 10 days of training here in Minerva academy & feel more confident and well versed with the SSB interview procedure. I feel motivates to join the forces and being a repeater for the SSB interview, I could to some excellent make out the flows that didn’t have me through during the last SSB. I learnt many a things like how to lack while climbing a rope, thanks to the instructors and Ranjit sir. I learnt how to keep the interview under my control learnt the practical skills of completing a GTO task. Exactly how they (SSB people) mark us in the every task. How to rationalize, plan and organize in an Indoor planning etc. there is much more to it.
  • Absolutely to the standards that SSB provides and even better than that. The greenery here is awesome. The 10 days stay was very comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Yes I do… I feel much more confident.
  • Yes I would defiantly do that to my friends who aspire to crack the SSB and even to those who would just want to have career orientation/personality development.


DATE – 10/01/2014

  • I come to know the real feeling and meaning of unity in diversity. It’s simply learning fun and being practical. We enjoyed here a lot and I really goanna miss this heaven.
  • To say that food available here is not match able. It’s delicious and awesome.
  • I feel pretty satisfied and got what I expected. As said it was learning with fun. I learn here the ways for personality development. I joined knowledge confidence sincerity among the people of various states. And I am really taking a lot with me from here to leak.
  • Everything, everyplace as it is as required. All the area everything is just perfectly awesome and I would like.
  • Yes, now I am pretty confidence for the interview because practicing here causes the fear of interview to vanish, so I am thankful to this academy for that.
  • Simply the best place for SSB coaching. It gives the feel of being in the SSB only so I am really goanna advertise this academy among my friends.
  • Thank you!!! 


  • The reading material that in provided after every practical test helps to recapitulate the taught concepts. The teachers are very patient.
  • The best part however is the glimpse of the Shiva likes which I managed to catch after the rains. The location is just beautiful. It makes the entire atmosphere really released.
  • Especially the class by Commander S.P. Singh sir on fears was really helpful as I was quite apprehensive about my medical.
  • I really like the way the training is given at the Minerva academy. The teachers make sure that everything is understood by every individual student. What I like the best is that they really care about everybody without making it obvious and this matter a lot as it makes us comfortable and makes us feel important.
  • This is my seventh day at the academy. The interesting part is that when it was my second day, I felt that I had learnt a lot and it didn’t seem like it was only the second day. And now it feels that only a few days are left, which is not a good feeling but at the same time I want to make the best use of the four days left. The psychological tests wee the real eye-opener. I realized that because of all these years of theoretical learning. I had lost a part of myself without even realizing it. And when I realized that here at Minerva. It was really encouraging. I feel proud and confidence of myself.
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed the six days that I spent here at the academy and having spent time at almost all the corners all over the place, I really admire everything about Minerva right from its hostel, mess classroom etc.
  • Yes, I feel confident about the interview the interview. My interviews dates are not out yet but being schedule in May/June, I have plenty of time to work on my short-comings and I am confident with the guidance provided by the teachers.
  • Yes I would definitely recommend Minerva academy to other aspiring candidates.
  • The audio usually records of Lt. Col Deol sir were especially very encouraging and something. I had totally not expected. I which we could be shown more of the recorded videos. I really don’t know how to put this cross but I can say that it was like being taught by him in a person. I would really much to see some encouraging words said by him (the recorded video).


DATE – 10/01/2014
  • It helped me to gain confidence while speaking in English in front of a group. It helped me to overcome my stage fear which was my one of the greatest enemy’s. 
  • I love everything about Minerva academy i.e. hostel, auditorium, obstacles, ground teacher’s staff, food, atmosphere and many more. The atmosphere in the campus was very good.
  • The quality of teaching was very good. It impresses me a lot to know about my personality. The best thing I love about them. They are honest and help us where as they can.
  • I feel very confident about myself after 10 days because before 10 days. I was really afraid to speak in English in front of anyone. Now time has changed me with the help of Minerva academy. They do not change my personality but they show me a mirror through which I able to understand where I stand, by which I realized my mistakes. They taught us to speak loud, clear and slow in front of group. Which I feel it will help me in future while giving speech or lecturer.
  • t was very comfortable to be here. In the last 10 days even a single second I don’t get any thought of my home, Parents etc. it helps me learn a lot. Being a busy schedule even one second, I never get tired in the whole day but during lecturer sometimes eyes get closed because during first two days. I was not adoptable to this atmosphere. The food was very good. The hostel was warm and very comfortable.
  • Yes, I feel confident about the facing of SSB interview.
  • I would suggest Minerva academy to maintain its quality like now it is.


  • Faculty of Minerva academy is too good. Mani sir, Ranjit sir, Oberoi sir they are the best in their fields.
  • When I come here I was amazed to see the infrastructure was very good mess, ground, classroom & environment gives the exact feeling like we are in SSB.
  • This is not only for SSB coaching but also to develop your personality.
  • Hostel of Minerva academy is the best thing in this academy.
  • I feel much confident. When I came here I was bit shy but now I am 99.9% confident. (Remember 0.1% of nervousness is required to beat any exam.) I learned how to present you in front of others.
  • I am 99.9% present confidence 0.1% of nervousness is essential to perform good in any exam.
  • Yes, I will recommend other aspiring candidates to join Minerva academy.
  • Minerva academy is the best.


  • I loved it very much. I loved the way they teach us.
  • I feel a complete change in my personality after 10 days. The way of my thinking got really changed.
  • The Oberoi sir’s way of teaching & saying I am appreciating you. Mani sir’s way of telling about other candidates and Ranjit sir’s “Josh Hai to Hosh Hai”. I loved the people out here cooperative & helpful.
  • I learned how to show you qualities to the physiologist & how to be interview & lot of helpful things in my coaching at Minerva academy.
  • It is quite really will the classrooms are fully furnished & mess and ground is also nice.
  • Now I am really feeling confident about SSB. The way they taught about personality development. The GDS the speeches the task’s and all these things filled me with confidence that I was lacking a lot.
  • Yes, if any candidate asks me, I would preferable recommend to join Minerva because the way of teaching is really nice and makes you do practice for SSB. The obstacle race which you will not find anywhere. The confidence building by Ranjit sir.    
  • Thanking you.