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Result of NDA & N A Examination (II), 2011, has been declared 0n 25th November, 2011

On the basis of the result of the written part of the National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Examination (II), 2011, held by the Union Public Service Commission on 21st August, 2011, candidates with the under mentioned Roll Numbers have qualified for Interview by the Services Selection Board of the Ministry of Defence for admission to Army, Navy and Air Force Wings of the National Defence Academy for the 128th Course and Naval Academy for the 90th Indian Naval Academy Course (INAC) commencing from 30th June, 2012.
2. The candidature of all the candidates whose Roll Numbers are shown in the list, is provisional. In accordance with the conditions of their admission to the examination, “candidates are required to produce original certificates of age and educational qualification at the time of Services Selection Board (SSB) Interview ”.
3. The candidates are also advised to make correspondence , if any, regarding SSB Interview direct with
The Additional directorate General of Recruiting , 
Adjutant General’s Branch, Integrated Headquarters, Ministry of Defence (Army), 
West Block No-III, Wing No. 1, R.K. Puram, New Delhi-11006.”

4. The candidates must not send the original certificates to the Union Public Service Commission. For any further information, the candidates may contact Facilitation Counter near Gate-C of the Commission, either in person or on Telephone Nos. 011-23385271/ 011-23381125/011-23098543 between 10:00 hours and 17:00 hours on any working day. The result is also available at Union Public Service Commission’s Website http:/ www. upsc. gov. in.
5. The mark-sheets of the candidates will be put on the Commission’s website within fifteen days from the date of publication of final result ( after concluding SSB Interviews) and will remain available on the website for a period of Sixty (60) days.
For result please check the link below

The contents of this result at the above given link are  informatory in nature. Candidates are advised to verify the same from UPSC official website or its office

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SSB Interview - a must for all aspiring to be a commissioned officer in Indian Armed Forces

"Whatever be the mode of entry as a commissioned offer in the Indian Armed Forces, whether Army, Navy or Air Force through direct competitive exam or promotion from ranks, Service Selection Boards Interview (SSB Interview) is the step all have to clear, except for the medical corps."

There are different modes to join Indian Armed Forces (Army, Air Force and Navy) as a commissioned officer both for civilians (after 10+2, graduation, post graduation), as well as for serving personnel.These opportunities exist for aspiring candidates, depending upon their academic qualification at 10+2, graduation or post graduation level and same are advertised in all leading news papers including ‘Employment News’ from time to time.

A candidate, after 10+2,  willing to join the Indian Army can opt for selection through NDA written exam or 10+2 Technical Entry Scheme. The UPSC  holds, twice a year, an examination for entry into the National Defence Academy (NDA). Candidates on completion of the 10+2 Examination or while in the 12th standard, are eligible to compete in this examination. Successful candidates there after have to face Service Selection Boards Interview. Only on the recommendation of SSB he  or she can  join the NDA. On completion of the NDA course, they are sent to the respective service academies for their pre-commission training.

Similarly the  UPSC holds an all-India competitive examination, known as the Combined Defence Services Examination (CDSE), twice a year. University graduates are eligible to appear in the examination. Successful candidates join the respective training academies, viz., the Indian Military Academy (IMA) for the Army, the Naval Academy for the Navy and the Air Force Academy for the Air Force. For Technical Branches, women special entry scheme, NCC special entry scheme and service entries is made directly through the respective Recruiting Directorates for the Army, the Navy and the Air Force. 

The candidates who are declared by UPSC as having cleared the written exam, as well as those short listed in Direct Entries are called through Call Letters to appear for SSB (Allahabad/Bangalore/Bhopal/Dehradun/Mysore/Varanasi/) at the Centre allotted to the candidate.  

Whatever be the mode of entry as a commissioned offer in the Indian Armed Forces, whether Army, Navy or Air Force through direct competitive exam or promotion from ranks, Service Selection Boards Interview (SSB Interview) is the step all have to clear, except for the medical corps. 

There is no limit on the number of attempts that can be made and the SSB Assessors encourage candidates to appear again for SSB. The SSB interview spread over a period of 5 days  is mainly a comprehensive  psychological assessment of the personality of the candidate, to gauge his/her potential as a future officer in Indian Military. The tests conducted by the SSB aim at selecting individuals with OLQs (Officer Like Qualities). These qualities include effective intelligence, sense of responsibility, initiative, judgment (under stress), ability to reason and organize, communication skills, determination, courage, self-confidence, speed in decision-making, willingness to set an example, compassion and a feeling of loyalty to the nation.

To face the challenge of   SSB Interview successfully, a candidate has to prepare himself in advance in all aspects of SSB Interview including indoor and outdoor practical tests. It is necessary for a candidate  to hone up OLQs (Officer Like Qualities) under some professional Personality Development programme as offered by the Minerva Academy during 10 days SSB Interview Coaching Programme . This can be done   any time preferably soon after appearing for written exams without waiting for the Call Letter for SSB Interview as most of the time there is simply not enough time for such preparation. How ever many candidates who want to ensure success, join the training course in the Minerva academy, even before clearing for the written exams .

For more details you can visit following websites :

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SSB Interview Coaching : Impressions recorded by Distinguished Visitors

 SB Interview Coaching 

The Minerva Academy to its credit has a glorious  saga of 56  years of consistent excellence in imparting SSB Interview Coaching.  Since 1955, numerous important people had visited the Academy and recorded their impressions in the Visitors Book. Some of the impressions are reproduced below.
3rd April, 1962
His Excellency Shri V.N.Gadgil
Governor of Punjab
I was delighted to visit this Academy & also delighted to see everything in........ More >>
8th March, 1963
Maharaja Yadavindra Singh of Patiala
His Highness Maharaja of Patiala, GCIE, GBE
A most educative evening. I do not know who learnt more – the ........More >>
15th Jan, 1961
Lt. Col. H.N. Issar
AOL, I Armoured Division
I have had the pleasure of knowing Minerva Academy since its start from ........ More >>
21st July 1961
Major Genral D.S.Brar (Retd)
- - - -
I thank the Principal & Lt. Col. Deol for taking me round the ........More >>
9th August, 1961
H.L. Mital Advocate Julluder
- - - -
I am very pleased to see the academy flourishing, which deserves on ....... More >>
5th April, 1963
Hari Ram Gupta
Dean Of University Instruction, Punjab University
My visit to this institute this evening has been not only delightful but also ........ More >>
4th April, 1964
Justice R.P. Khosla
Hon’ble Judge Punjab High Court
This institution is unique. I was delighted to have been taken round the ........ More >>
_ _ April, 1964
Raja Harinder Singh of Nalagarh
Advisor and Additional Secretary, Govt Of India
It has been a most rewarding and revealing experience while visiting the ....... More >>
_ _ April, 1964
Raja Sir Harinder Singh Brar
Bans Bahadur KCSI of Faridkot
I have been forced to put down my views. I would never have ........More >>
29 October, 1964
Lt Col. Atma Singh Panun
Regiment of Artillery
I had heard a lot about the Minerva Academy and the good name........More >>
22nd Mar, 1965
Padma Bhushan Sardar Harnarain Singh
Major General
It has given me very great pleasure to visit the Minerva Academy today........ More >>
24th March 1966
Capt. R.S.Nijher
2 F.O.D C/O 56 A.P.O.
It has given me great pleasure as I am the old student of this Academy....... More >>
12th Jan 1968
Major Gurdial Singh KLAIR
I have three sons and were coached by this Academy for SSB interview. All ........ More >>
3rd March, 1969
Maj General Hiralal Atel
I have been greatly impressed with what I have seen particularly as I was...... More >>
October, 1974
M. Gopala Krishnan. I.A.S.
Secretary to Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, Public Works Department, Hyderabad
Visited for the first time today and spent a few hours. Col. Deol has ........ More >>
11th Nov,1989
Dr. S.S.Bali
Principal, University College of Education, Kurukshetra University
I visited this institute, when my son Nitin Bali took his orientation course........ More >>
30th Nov, 1994
Jawahar Lal Gupta
I am happy to see that the institution is doing as well as well as ......... More >>
Lt. Col. A. S. Cheema (Retd)
FRGS, Padma Shri, Arjuna Award, SM, VSM
What a fantastic contribution towards the entry of the youth of Northern ........ More >>
2nd Nov, 2006
Lt. Gen. B.S. Randhawa, PVSM, AVSM
#1623, Sector 18-D, Chandigarh
Well organized. Enjoyed the Evening. GOD bless. Keep it up.... ..... ........ More >>
2nd Nov, 2006
Col Anup Parkash Singh Sidhu
#634, Phase 3-A, Mohali
I was a trainee in May 74. Great to be here.... ... .... ................................................... ... More >>
24th Aug, 2007
Col. K. Yashpal Singh SM
HQ 9 Corps C/O 56 APO
What a pleasure to visit a place- Minerva Academy, after 34 years!! A pla ........ More >>


The Academy is very strict about discipline. Students not obeying orders , instructions, not completing work assigned or indulging in any undesirable activities will be expelled and no money will be refunded. Students will not enter into any arguments with any of the Academy, Mess or Hostel staff.

SSB Interview Preparation - A Caution worth taking

The public, in general, believes that all officers in the Armed Forces know the working of S.S.Bs and they can train candidates for selection, BUT THIS IS WRONG NOTION.Even the officers who have been in the S.S.Bs only know how to select and reject the candidates. They cannot analyze the weaknesses & shortcomings of the candidates. They cannot possibly improve their personality to ensure success in any way.

This has been proved by the conduct & performance of many ex-G.T.Os, Psychologists & Presidents of the Boards who applied for the job in this Academy, and were not accepted, as they were found incapable of doing the job. Some opened there own Academies, most of which are since closed

Psychologists in the S.S.Bs are given only months training and they have never studied the subject of psychology in their Academic career. Therefore, they do not have a real insight into the minds of their candidates. They cannot analyze or improve the personality of the candidates. They only tempt the candidates by concessions and making false claims of 90% success, which is ridiculous and impossible.

Offers of lower fees are not really lower. The number of Training Days may be ten, as in the case of MINERVA ACADEMY but the number if training hours is not the same, but less than half. Only Minerva gives hundred (100) hours of actual practical, intensive & thorough training covering all aspects/ complete tests in SSB - Like atmosphere and surroundings.

Those who get tempted by such claims / low fee offers (always due to less total hours of training !) later repent having wasted their parent's precious money and their own time/ opportunity forever, which proves much more expensive both in the short / long run.

Do visit the Academy Campus and consult our successful ex-student-officers .

Dress And Bedding

Dress: - Proper dress will be worn at the Academy. The following extra items should be brought along for outdoor tests and practical training :-

* For Men
* 1. White Shirts or White T-Shirts ---- 2
* 2. White Shorts ---- 2 pairs
* 3. White Socks ---- 2 pairs
* 4. White P.T. Shoes
* 5. White Handkerchiefs for Sikh Candidates
* 6. Woolen Jersey or Blazer and warm Socks during winter

* For Lady Candidates
* 1. White or Sober Coloured Salwar Kameez/Tracksuit
* 2. White Socks ---- 2 pairs
* 3. White P.T. Shoes
* 4. Woolen Jersey or Blazer and warm Socks during winter
* For non-coaching time, personal clothing for night/travel etc may be bought as per personal requirement.

Bedding: - Candidates are required to bring their own bedding including pillow. For summer months(April to October) 2 Bed-Sheets may be sufficient since Mattresses, are provided by the hostel. In winter (November to March) Razais / Quilts or thick blankets are required .

Fees and Other Charges

THE MINERVA ACADEMY fixes its fees after a lot of consideration which are always justified, because NOT ONLY do we specialize in a SINGLE LINE, but our coaching is also scientific, exhaustive and thorough. Judicious candidates always decide to be coached by specialists. Exhaustive coaching cannot be conducted without proper equipment and necessary facilities of vast grounds and trees for outdoor exercises. Minerva is the only Academy possessing these facilities. For indoor classes, our Lecture Hall has seating capacity of over 100 candidates. This hall has 15 ceiling fans, 18 tube lights and proper ventilation. We have our Projector, Video & High Powered P.A. Equipments, and Generator in case of electricity failure.

Fees / Charges w.e.f. 1st April 2012 
Charges One Term (Rs)

( For Ten days)
Note :
  1. Candidates joining for any number of days less than the complete term of 10 days, will be charged Full amount of Admission/Tuition Fee
  2. Boarding & Lodging Charges will be on actual days basis
  3. All Fee/Charges are to be paid in advance at the time of joining
Admission (One Time) 250.00
Tuition 6000.00
Service Tax on Tuition Fee @ 12.36 %   742.00
Boarding 2500.00 250.00 (Per Day)
Lodging 1408-00 141.00 (Per Day)
Security 100.00 100.00 (One Time)
Note :   Security Charges of Rs 100/- are refundable.

  1. Boarding includes breakfast , lunch, dinner, mid- morning and afternoon tea (On No Profit No Loss Basis).
  2. Serving Defence Personnel, Sainik / Military / Army School students and wards of Ex-Servicemen are given a further concession of Rs 500/- in Lodging only, if they avail of hostel facilities and provide photo copy of Canteen Smart Card/ Sainik School ID / Discharge Book / Dependent Card for proof. Remaining charges will be the same.
  3. Coaching Fee paid by the wards of Ex- Servicemen belonging to Punjab and Haryana states up to the rank of JCO is partially reimbursable as per their respective schemes by their concerned District Sainik Boards on production of receipt from the Academy after completion of course.
  4. Candidate can pay Fees at the time of joining the coaching, either in cash or through Demand draft in favour of Lt. Col. Deol's Minerva Academy payable at Chandigarh. Cheques are NOT accepted.
  5. No prior reservation or registration is required for admission. Candidates are admitted, on reporting. For admission candidates can come directly to the Academy at any time. The Academy Office is open 24 hours of the day.

PABT Fee is Rs 800/-
PABT is only for the candidates who select Air force as their main Stream. It is not mandatory for all other candidates

Hostel and Mess

The Academy has very good hostel. Students are served palatable meals which includes Breakfast, Mid-Morning Tea, Lunch, Evening Tea and Dinner. Individual tastes are not catered to. Students are given training in mess etiquette & mess manners under the supervision of officers who dine with them in the mess.

The hostel is being run on NO PROFIT, NO LOSS BASIS, even though the prices of provisions are soaring everyday. CANDIDATES INTENDING TO STAY IN THE HOSTEL CAN REPORT A DAY EARLIER.

When to Join SSB Interview Coaching ?

Candidates are advised to take their coaching as early as possible, and definitely before applying for commission. Those who hope to qualify in UPSC written exam, or the candidate whose name have been recommended to the SSB should undergo training at least month before the call is expected. Candidates who do not undergo coaching just before SSB interview or after receiving the call notice, feel helpless. Many of them miss the benefit of coaching, while waiting for a call which gives them short notice.

In case of emergency a candidate can join the coaching on any day and pay for the coaching on the daily basis. They may also join late by paying full fees and continue coaching in the next term up to the day their cycle of one term finishes. To avoid such emergencies the candidates are advised to finish their training as early as possible, waiting for the call.

Coaching Term And Routine

The Minerva Academy runs three terms a month for 10 days each, for an intensive 100 hours training, starting on 1st, 11th and 21st of the month. But candidates may join in between on any day and complete the full 10 days cycle. This has been done to accommodate candidates who cannot afford to be away from their college/Units or jobs for longer periods. Yet there will be NO let up or loss in the amount and quality of coaching. The Academy observes no holidays. All Sundays, festival days, Government/Bank holidays are working days for our institution.


1.) THE PERSONAL FORM ---- Filling in 1 hr./ the explanation of 4 hrs. 5 hrs
3.) THE PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTS ---- Testing 2 hrs, Lectures explanation and Practice ---- 10 hrs. 12 hrs
4.) THE INTELLIGENCE TEST ---- 3 hrs Explanation 9 hrs. 12 hrs
5.) EFFECTIVE SPEAKING ---- Lecture 3 hrs, Lecture by student 8hrs. Every student has to speak daily 11 hrs
6.) DISCUSSIONS ---- Lecture 2 hrs. Discussion by students 8 hrs. Every student has to take part in discussion daily. 10 hrs
7.) THE GROUP TASK ---- Lecture 2 hrs. Training (25 Group Tasks) ----- 12 hrs 14 hrs
8.) THE COMMAND TASK ---- Lecture 2 hrs. Practice 4 hrs. 6 hrs
9.) INDOOR PLANNING ---- Lecture 2 hrs. and about 4-5 exercises - 8 hrs. 10 hrs
10.) INDIVIDUAL OBSTACLES ---- Demo 1 hr, Lecture 1 hr. Practice ½ hr. daily. 6 hrs
11.) TOTAL 100hrs


Campus with Unmatched Infrastructure for SSB Interview Coaching spread over 10 acres

The Minerva Academy has its own vast 10 Acre campus with unmatched infrastructure in terms of lecture hall, modern state of art lab apparatus for PABT, a playground with all provision for all out door activities and tests. The campus offers SSB like environment, and is located in pollution free natural surroundings free from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The Minerva Academy offers excellent hostel facilities with large mess and a modern clean kitchen to make the boarding and lodging of trainees a very comfortable experience. The girls are offered separate hostel accommodation.


SSB Interviews - General Information and Advice

THE MINERVA ACADEMY HAS NO BRANCHES ANY WHERE. Be aware of cheats & touts. We conduct no Postal Courses because they are useless. The S.S.B. selection is through practical tests which requires practical & personal coaching. Guide books are very harmful Theoretical coaching serves no purpose "GUIDE BOOKS" cannot ever GUIDE in Practical Tests". THE MINERVA ACADEMY specializes ONLY IN ONE LINE i.e. coaching for INTERVIEWS & PERSONALITY TESTS. We do not coach for various UPSC written exams/NDA/CDS/Bank Exams & other exams. We refuse to be a teaching shop, though it is a paying proposition resorted to by other Academies.

The candidates must know that the selection at the S.S.B. or coaching at the Academy is IMPOSSIBLE unless THERE IS A GROUP OF AT LEAST 8 CANDIDATES, FOR GROUP TASK, GROUP DISCUSSION, COMPETITIVE GROUP TASK, INDOOR PLANNING & LECTURETTES. Academies which claim to coach two or three candidates for special and individual attention only cheat ignorant candidates. Minerva always has more than 8 for its term. Our terms have from 10 to 70 candidates, and we have infrastructure/hostel/facilities to accommodate up to 100 candidates. However Minerva reserve the right of canceling a coaching term if less than 8 students report for coaching, though this exigency has never occurred so far during the last 55 years.

Location : |Easily accessible | Well connected by Rail, Road and Air |10 Kms From Chandigarh Main Bus Stand

The Academy is ideally located in its own vast 10 Acre campus at Daon, a village located within the periphery of Chandigarh, a Union Territory and joint capital of Punjab and Haryana, is well connected by rail, road and air with rest of the country. The Minerva Academy is just 10 Kilometers from main Bus Stand of Chandigarh and 2 Km from the Mohali Township. A regular 15- minute bus service is available, from the main Bus Stand, Chandigarh by route No. 35 plying between Chandigarh to Kharar till 8:30 p.m.. There is a Request bus stop for the Academy opposite its board on the main road near DAON. You can reach the Academy within 15 minutes from Chandigarh.The candidates coming from J & K, parts of H.P. and Punjab can either get down en route at Daon or can get local bus no. 35 at Kharar plying between Kharar and Chandigarh.

The Academy Office is open 24 hours of the day. CANDIDATES CAN COME DIRECTLY TO THE ACADEMY AT ANY TIME. Candidates must NOT stay in any hotel in Chandigarh. They will be cheated and fleeced. Location and route chart explain how to reach Academy by Taxi, Auto-Rikshaw or by Bus. The Academy has NO BRANCHES in Chandigarh or elsewhere. Candidates are warned against touts or commission agents of other interested parties who may try to mislead them by dangling fee concessions or stating that MINERVA is full to capacity and cannot handle any more candidates
Locate Lt. Col. Deol's Minerva Academy through Google Map

View Minerva Academy (Estd. 1955) in a larger map

About the Founders - Minerva Academy

Lt. Col. I.S.Deol, M.A.-Founder Director

Mrs. J. Deol, M.A.(Psych)B.T. - Founder Principal  
Lt. Col. Deol, an alumnus of Govt. College, Lahore did his MA in History from there and was a great sportsman of his time. He appeared before S.S.B. once for selection as ICS probationer in 1944 and was selected. He served in the Indian Civil Service(ICS) for 2 ½ years ,appeared for regular commission in 1946 and was selected. He earned many outstanding A.C.R’s., & commanded Regiments for over 9 years. He was Chief Instructor, ASC Centre North,the biggest in the Northern India for 3 years. Mrs. Deol started the Minerva Academy in August 1955 at Shimla. The Academy was named after 'Minerva' the Roman Goddess of War and Wisdom. All the boys coached in the first batch were selected . This established the reputation of the institute from the start which increased day by day. Since she could not cope with the huge task single handed, Col. Deol took premature retirement for her help. Col Deol was well known for his unique, & captivating technique of coaching, full of thrill and laughter.

SSB Interview Coaching -Why Minerva Academy ?

The Minerva Academy, since its establishment in 1955, with Over 30000 successes in SSB Interviews and over 1000 top positions, has achieved an enviable and unbeatable record of success in the field of coaching for interviews, in general, and the Service Selection Board, in particular. Every fourth officer in the INDIAN ARMED FORCES has been a student of the Minerva Academy The Academy gives training for SSB interviews/PABT only, being it's Single-Line Specialty. We conduct no other type of teaching/training for any other exam, not even for written exams for NDA/CDS etc. 
 There are several reasons to join the Minerva Academy.

• One may lack confidence in front of the SSB Interview Board.
• May feel nervous and shy in expressing oneself.
• May be slow in thinking to arrive at a decision
• May lack initiative, originality and application.
• One's confidence may have been seriously shaken by failure in past.
• These are serious drawbacks that need to be remedied.
• It is better for you to join only the best Academy instead of getting faulty training from other sources, as you deserve to give your self the best chance to succeed.
•The Minerva Academy has NO BRANCHES and the PROSPECTUS is FREE.

About Minerva Academy

The Minerva Academy specializes in imparting training for SSB interviews for Army, Navy and Air Force Selection Boards for NDA, CDS, OTA, SSC, NA, TES, UES, TGS, Special Entry Scheme for Women, Army Candidates : (SCO), PC(SL), ACC, Navy Candidates: CW, SD, HET, Air Force Candidates: F(P), GDOC, Branch Commission and NCC C certificate candidates for all wings.

The Minerva Academy has achieved an enviable and unbeatable record of success for imparting coaching for SSB Interviews.The Minerva Academy is the Premier, the Oldest and the Best Academy for Services Selection Board (SSB)Interviews for officer level entry into the Armed Forces of India (Army, Navy, and Air Force).It imparts training for the full tests conducted in the 5 days Services Selection Board Test including Interview, full Outdoor and Psychological tests, Group Discussions etc including Screening tests. The Academy has 55 years of experience in this field and has unbeatable track record for success. 

  • Premier Institute established in 1955.
  • Over 30000 successes with over 1000 top positions.
  • A campus with unmatched infrastructure spread over 10 acres
  • On an average, we produce two officers per day.
  • Every fourth officer in the INDIAN ARMED FORCES has been our student.
  • Former Chief of The Indian Army, General J.J.Singh - a Proud Minervan, has been a student of this academy.
  • Location easily accessible– well connected by rail, road and air