Tuesday, January 18, 2011

SSB Interviews - General Information and Advice

THE MINERVA ACADEMY HAS NO BRANCHES ANY WHERE. Be aware of cheats & touts. We conduct no Postal Courses because they are useless. The S.S.B. selection is through practical tests which requires practical & personal coaching. Guide books are very harmful Theoretical coaching serves no purpose "GUIDE BOOKS" cannot ever GUIDE in Practical Tests". THE MINERVA ACADEMY specializes ONLY IN ONE LINE i.e. coaching for INTERVIEWS & PERSONALITY TESTS. We do not coach for various UPSC written exams/NDA/CDS/Bank Exams & other exams. We refuse to be a teaching shop, though it is a paying proposition resorted to by other Academies.

The candidates must know that the selection at the S.S.B. or coaching at the Academy is IMPOSSIBLE unless THERE IS A GROUP OF AT LEAST 8 CANDIDATES, FOR GROUP TASK, GROUP DISCUSSION, COMPETITIVE GROUP TASK, INDOOR PLANNING & LECTURETTES. Academies which claim to coach two or three candidates for special and individual attention only cheat ignorant candidates. Minerva always has more than 8 for its term. Our terms have from 10 to 70 candidates, and we have infrastructure/hostel/facilities to accommodate up to 100 candidates. However Minerva reserve the right of canceling a coaching term if less than 8 students report for coaching, though this exigency has never occurred so far during the last 55 years.

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