Tuesday, January 18, 2011

About the Founders - Minerva Academy

Lt. Col. I.S.Deol, M.A.-Founder Director

Mrs. J. Deol, M.A.(Psych)B.T. - Founder Principal  
Lt. Col. Deol, an alumnus of Govt. College, Lahore did his MA in History from there and was a great sportsman of his time. He appeared before S.S.B. once for selection as ICS probationer in 1944 and was selected. He served in the Indian Civil Service(ICS) for 2 ½ years ,appeared for regular commission in 1946 and was selected. He earned many outstanding A.C.R’s., & commanded Regiments for over 9 years. He was Chief Instructor, ASC Centre North,the biggest in the Northern India for 3 years. Mrs. Deol started the Minerva Academy in August 1955 at Shimla. The Academy was named after 'Minerva' the Roman Goddess of War and Wisdom. All the boys coached in the first batch were selected . This established the reputation of the institute from the start which increased day by day. Since she could not cope with the huge task single handed, Col. Deol took premature retirement for her help. Col Deol was well known for his unique, & captivating technique of coaching, full of thrill and laughter.

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