Tuesday, January 18, 2011

SSB Interview Coaching -Why Minerva Academy ?

The Minerva Academy, since its establishment in 1955, with Over 30000 successes in SSB Interviews and over 1000 top positions, has achieved an enviable and unbeatable record of success in the field of coaching for interviews, in general, and the Service Selection Board, in particular. Every fourth officer in the INDIAN ARMED FORCES has been a student of the Minerva Academy The Academy gives training for SSB interviews/PABT only, being it's Single-Line Specialty. We conduct no other type of teaching/training for any other exam, not even for written exams for NDA/CDS etc. 
 There are several reasons to join the Minerva Academy.

• One may lack confidence in front of the SSB Interview Board.
• May feel nervous and shy in expressing oneself.
• May be slow in thinking to arrive at a decision
• May lack initiative, originality and application.
• One's confidence may have been seriously shaken by failure in past.
• These are serious drawbacks that need to be remedied.
• It is better for you to join only the best Academy instead of getting faulty training from other sources, as you deserve to give your self the best chance to succeed.
•The Minerva Academy has NO BRANCHES and the PROSPECTUS is FREE.

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