Tuesday, January 18, 2011

SSB Interview Preparation - A Caution worth taking

The public, in general, believes that all officers in the Armed Forces know the working of S.S.Bs and they can train candidates for selection, BUT THIS IS WRONG NOTION.Even the officers who have been in the S.S.Bs only know how to select and reject the candidates. They cannot analyze the weaknesses & shortcomings of the candidates. They cannot possibly improve their personality to ensure success in any way.

This has been proved by the conduct & performance of many ex-G.T.Os, Psychologists & Presidents of the Boards who applied for the job in this Academy, and were not accepted, as they were found incapable of doing the job. Some opened there own Academies, most of which are since closed

Psychologists in the S.S.Bs are given only months training and they have never studied the subject of psychology in their Academic career. Therefore, they do not have a real insight into the minds of their candidates. They cannot analyze or improve the personality of the candidates. They only tempt the candidates by concessions and making false claims of 90% success, which is ridiculous and impossible.

Offers of lower fees are not really lower. The number of Training Days may be ten, as in the case of MINERVA ACADEMY but the number if training hours is not the same, but less than half. Only Minerva gives hundred (100) hours of actual practical, intensive & thorough training covering all aspects/ complete tests in SSB - Like atmosphere and surroundings.

Those who get tempted by such claims / low fee offers (always due to less total hours of training !) later repent having wasted their parent's precious money and their own time/ opportunity forever, which proves much more expensive both in the short / long run.

Do visit the Academy Campus and consult our successful ex-student-officers .

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