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State/City: New Delhi

♦ One of the major things which I love about Minervacademy is that teaching technique and their practical usage made me to think out of the box. This has boost up my confidence!!

♦ After 10 days there are many changes in me like now I am more confident about myself. I have better understanding of things and procedure, I can handle various situations very comfortably which I may not be able to handle if I have gone without coming here.


State/City: Varodra, Gujrat
SSB Center & Course: NDA

♦ There is nothing I do not love about this great institution from its infrastructure to its mess to its auditorium everything is fabulous. I love the sports facility provided to the students and the fields.


State/City: Patiala, Punjab
SSB Center & course: Bhopal (Navy) TES

Ya definitely I am confident for my upcoming ssb interview.  I made best choice of my life to be here in such a worthy & affectionate environment. I love Minerva academy and proud to be minervan now.


State/City: HP, Shimla
SSB Center & Course: Coimbatore-TES Navy

♦ I am much more confident my stage fear is almost disappeared; I have increased my concentration & have become more hard working.

♦ Yes, I am fully confident for my upcoming SSB interview, Yes, This is one of the best decisions that I have ever made in my life and I am proud of it.


SSB Center & Course: Territorial Army
State/City: Jammu & Kashmir

♦ The faculty members of Minervacademy are very helpful, loving and most important part is that they do not treat us like students. They treat us like their own children and that’s why I will always remember these 10 days which I spent here in the academy campus. I will really miss hotel, mess and my friends which I had made here. They will be my long life friends. I will really Miss Mani Sir, Oberio sir and specially Ranjit sir lecture.


State/City: Gwalior (M.P)
SSB Center & Course:  Bangalore (JAG) Gandhinagar (AFCAT)

♦ Number of positive changes turned up in me as punctuality, strengthened a lot, not to give up at any cost and top of all is working hard in only direction that is towards the goal. I feel myself much more determined and personified.


State/City: Alwar, Rajasthan

♦ I love every inch of Minerva academy. Minerva academy is my own home. Everything that belongs to Minerva academy: I love that. I love the picture hanging on the wall which kept me motivated. The audio-visual aids given were a lot to ignite the officer inside. The playground awesome and specially obstacles courses. I cannot express the love and respect I have for Minerva academy. Once I entered the premises the warmth is the thing which affected me most. I am proud to say that I am a Minervan.


State/City: Allahabad, UP
SSB CENTER & COURSE: 4TH NOV (Bhopal) 1st Dec (Varanasi) AFCAT

♦ I am confident now I can take decision without confusion; Let it be right or wrong. I overcome my fear of stage, Fear of speaking in public and now I can express myself. I have finally got a routine and I will sincerely follow every day in my life.
Infrastructure is best in every and any possible way. Everything is clean and I am really impressed with the amount of work and dedication the staff is showing. I had a perfect stay and very much happy.


State/City: Visakhapatnam
SSB Center & Course: 12 SSB & CW
♦ As I have already appeared in SSB, I have seen their environment. Our academy specialty is that it’s quite similar to SSB center environment. This makes candidates to get adapted to the situation there.
♦ Yes, I would definitely recommend. Initially I felt that I am doing something wrong while I was travelling from Kochi to all the ways to Chandigarh, but when I reached here I felt that the pain I took is worth it.


Course: OTA
Duration 6 weeks
State/City: Assam

♦ Minerva Academy is an all recommended institution for developing good qualities which will not be possible anywhere else.

♦ Minerva Academy infrastructure is awesome. Hostel, mess, facilities, classrooms, no more words.

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