Monday, May 19, 2014

Abhishek Kumar

State & City – G. Noida  U.P.
SSB Center & Course – Allahabad TGC 119
  • which will definitely makes all feel comfortable and candidate.  The Minerva academy trains its student by making them think in a way a soldier thinks. The originality of candidates remains unhampered. The students can think in new dimensions. The care and coaching Minerva provider is unmatchable.
  • The day of coaching starts, I was not even 10% sure about clearing any SSB. But after 10 days, I’m very confident that I will make it. I was not a good speaker and used to suffer from stage fear. But thanks to Minerva academy, now I am a person who can face any public speaking condition and also can deal with it enthusiastically and confidently.
  • The infrastructure of academy is very friendly. Hostel is very clean and comfortable. Mess food is good. Ground is very rich for sports especially football ground. Classrooms are very good for students to remain comfortable.    
  • Yes, I’m very confident about the SSB and will clear it.
  • Definitely I will recommend Minerva academy to all my known ones.

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