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Student Feedback Page 14

State & City – Ramgarh Jharkhand
E-mail –
SSB Center & Course – TGC 119, Allahabad
  • The best thing about Minerva academy is discipline. A candidate is so found to follow the rules that it feels we are already in the army forces. The guidance given by all the teachers is so helpful. Also there is proper facility given to play various sports like football, volleyball, table tennis etc.
  • The food of mess and the services of mess is also amazing. The ground also has the facility of different games that can be played in the free time.

State & City – Maharashtra & Nagpur
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SSB Center & Course – Varanasi & AFSB
  • This academy has the very best and most experienced faculty that students can for the academy forces more on practical demonstrations and knowledge than more the every class the working staff is very helpful and is always ready to be there for you in any difficulty. 

State & City – Anantnag J&K
E-mail –
SSB Center & Course – Not Received Yet
  • Before coming to this academy I used to fear of speaking in front my friends but now the things have changed. I feel now I can speak to a huge crowd.

State & City – Jammu & Kashmir Katra Jaishno Devi
E-mail –
SSB Center & Course – Allahabad OTA-SSB
  • These 10 days were the best days of my life and tonight to love with honor and confidence.
  • The academy is ideally situated in the midst of the natural beauty, away from the city fuss and in a peaceful place giving pleasure to the body and mind. The hostel was very good, the food was awesome and the classroom and the grounds are of unlatching facilities.

State & City – Bihar Darbhanga
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  • I have overcome my all fears here which I had been having since my childhood. Minerva had developed my personality. This academy is specially designed for SSB interview. Yet lowed be taken by everyone as it develops personality.
State & City – Odisha Sambalpur
E-mail –
SSB Center & Course – Dehradun, AFCAT
  • This academy is not at all a commercial academy. Their prime job is to prepare & train the students for their SSB.
  • The 10 days were one of the best days of my life. Coming from so far i.e. Odisha enplaning new places, people ideas & experiences, it meant a lot to me.
  • Thank you Minerva academy. Jai Hind.

State & City – West Bangal & Kolkata
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SSB Center & Course – Varanasi AFCAT (Indian Air Forces
  • The thing that I liked most is the infrastructure of the Minerva. It is really the best in India. The ground & mess is really nice. These 10 days experience the best expectance of my life.

State & City – Bihar, Ara
E-mail –
SSB Center & Course – 3 AFSB Gandhi Nagar, AFCAT
  • I am a serving airman and find the Minerva academy at pre with the training center available in defense forces.

State & City – Mandsavr, M.P.
E-mail –
SSB Center & Course – Dehradoon, AFSB
  • The faculty members are striving for are success & they aren’t living a single stone unturned to eliminate our weakness & to polish our strengths.
  • These 10 days were so memorable. I learnt many good qualities which had develop not for only SSB but also for my life.

State & City – Punjab, Bathinda
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SSB Center & Course – Dehradun, AFCAT
  • I think Minerva is the best coaching institute of north India. Here all the faculty members are very good in their subjects. We made to discuss topic in GDs and speeches every day.
  • I was unable to speak on stage safer 10 days i.e. stage Phobia. But now I can definitely address the crowd of people no matter what quantity of people in the crowd is.

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