Monday, May 19, 2014

Vishwani Duhan

State & City – Karnatka, Banglore
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  • After coming for Bangalore, with traffic filled polluted streets, this is heaven. I can hear the peacock and saw many birds which I’d never seen before.
  • The mess, the services is quite good, the food, is by far the most awesome hostel food. I have ever had. The sport facilities are also good and love the massive inwards and greenery.
  • The one thing I love the most about the academy is its massive I rounds and greenery. I also love the sports facilities given here. Yes, one more thing Mani sir the most curial & important asset of the academy.
  • Well, on the 1st day, I wanted to race home. But now it different, I have made such good friends here & enjoyed to my heart’s capacity. This academy has motivated me and I feel like giving my SSB now only likes the rest. The teaching here is amazing and I could not have initial the tips and information which were given to us. This was one of the most reductive and amazing holidays. I have ever had.
  • The academy has everything and I have all of them. The rooms, bathrooms were comfortable and clean.
  • Yes I feel completely confident. All I have to do now is to chart out my entire family history and with the tips give to as, no one can stop us from joining the army forces. In fact, I will come again next year, its so worth it.
  • Yes, obviously because the training and teaching is infer able and inspiring and excellent and also because of its massive grounds. It certainly is the best academy in the country.
  • Even my father is on product of this academy and I hope and wish we all also do the same and then say proudly.
  • Yes we are Minerva's. Ever give up.

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