Monday, May 19, 2014

Keshav Sood

State & City – Palampur (H.P.)                                                                                                                  
SSB Center & Course – NDA (PD)
  • I love the way of teaching and the teaching faculty of the Minerva academy. I love the hostel and various types of teaching techniques given here. Also I love to see that the students here never sit idle as they are provided with football, volleyball & cricket during free times.
  • The academy is quite big, having a large playground, neat and clean hostel, good mess, beautiful environment surroundings the academy from all sides. The class rooms are big and good and also fitted with modern techniques.
  • I feel to be changed completely. I am now feeling confident and more understanding. My sitting capacity has also increased. I learnt how to stand on the stage, deliver a lecture, five my points in G.D. and perform in group task. Also I learnt that how to deal with situations.
  • Yes, I do feel confident as now I have come to know that how to face new people in new situations. Minerva has given me strength and confidence to face the interview.
  • Yes I will definitely because this is the only academy that has its own class and prestige. It is a well reputed and a well organized academy. Also each and every information is given in very proper way here in this academy.

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