Monday, May 19, 2014

Angad Singh Dhanjal

State & City – Punjab, Zirakpur
SSB Center & Course – N.A.
  • I just loved the mess, food and atmosphere.
  • Firstly the atmosphere at Minerva academy is very nice and fauyi type & secondly the variety of bonsais also interested me very much.
  • This 10 days training has opened many closed doors in my mind. I now have more confidence in my voice. Also I have realized that general awareness is a must & one angled approach to life should be changed.
  • Being a day scholar I can’t say much about the hostel but got a good feedback from the gentlemen staying there. The ground being right next to the conference hall is a boon as no time is wasted when given breaks to go and play. The classroom has a lot of motivational slogans which I liked very much and have noted them down for future reference. Over all I would give it a 10/10.
  • I was already feeling very confident before also but after going through the training. I am feeling that my success at the SSB will be a sure shot success.
  • I would happily recommend it the people around me.

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