Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Email: ranaharshant@gmail.com              
State/City: Panchkula, Haryana
SSB Center & Course: AFSB 1 Dehradun, AFCAT

♦ The best thing about Minerva academy is the faculty & staff, which is very encouraging & supporting at each & every step of ours. Starting from day 1 I just loved this academy from the bottom of my heart due to the campus & the other facilities. The friends I have made here are going to be a lifetime relationship irrespective of the distances between us & even the difference in our occupations. It was just like a home away from home.

♦ Before joining the academy I was not that much confident & sure about the decision of going for Armed force. But after the course today I feel  that I am just one step further from the commissioning into the forces. Now I can express my views in front of a crowed whom I do not know. Now I am relieved of my stage fear. After all these days fantastic 10 days I think that I have found the officer like qualities which were hidden somewhere in me. Now I feel like that “commission toh main chneen kar hi dum loonga”.

♦ Talking about the infrastructure at the academy I think that it is one of the best places to be. I love never being in a hostel, but these 10 days I love after feel like I love expect the whole leisure that I missed not being in a hostel. The other facilities here are just fantastic. Whether is is the sports, grounds, environment everything is fantastic.

♦ I am feeling much confident about my SSB interview & I think that I will snatch the commission at the SSB interview. The best decision of my life was to join Minerva Academy because it activated those hidden qualities which were somewhere breath in me. It is a great experience & immense pleasure to be here.

♦ Why not, I will surely & definitely recommend Minerva academy to the aspiring candidates if they want to go to SSB they can go anywhere, but if their life is SSB, they are gonna come to this place only, because it is the only place where we taught that Commission lahna nahi, chneena padta hai.  

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