Tuesday, February 3, 2015


State/City: Ambala
SSB Center & Course: Allahabad & NDA 133

♦ Everything taught here is not theoretical and is meant to reform the inner being of candidates. This is what makes Minerva so much more successful. Also the 10 days spent here has been the best in my life. Friends, games, mes, hostel, teachers, obstacle I am going to miss them so much.

♦ I have reformed as a personality altogether. I have now different approach to obstacles. My speech has improved. I have known a lot about how the SSB should be done, and that commission Lena Nahi, Cheenna hai !.

♦ Academy’s is beautiful as a whole. It feels great to be here. Hostel and the candidates living there are one of the best. I have enjoyed eating every meal that was served. Ground and sports facilities are fantastic. Classrooms are clean, systemised and the photo of great people around us encourage me. It has been so nice to live here.

♦ Definitely this SSB would be my 200%. I feel confident for this SSB interview as I know how to approach every question. I definitely made the right choice by coming to Minerva academy for coaching.

♦ This academy has been so much successful in 60 years. It has produced one of the finest Armed forces personnel this is because the correct way of teaching, so I would recommend Lt. Col. Deol Minerva Academy to all the aspiring candidates.

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