Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Course: CDS
Duration: 28 days
State/City: Ludhiana, Punjab

♦ Faculty maths Sir, Gurvinder Sir and all other teachers who taught us to solve the questions in 3 different equal manners and specially admin staff and Ranjit sir.
♦ Fully satisfied and learn many things like how to solve the question in less amount of time and feeling encouragement after watching Capt. V. Batra clip.
♦ Academy infrastructure is good. The environment of the academy is quite and calm. Surrounding have positive vibes. The SSB students gave encouragement to written batch students and confidence level goes high.
♦ Yes, I feel confident for my exam and hope to come again here through SSB units. Yes, I completely satisfied after reaching Minerva and be a part of Minervan.
♦ Come and gain the knowledge in Minerv and be a part of Minervan tree.

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