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Student Feedback Page 28


Course: CDS (IMA)
Duration: 6 weeks
Email: ankurneog10@gmail.com              
State/City: Assam

♦ Minerva Academy is about grooming discipline and officer like qualities in oneself. Here a strict daily routine is followed which helped me in bringing myself on the right path to crack written exam.


Course: CDS
Duration: 28 days
State/City: Ludhiana, Punjab

♦ Academy infrastructure is good. The environment of the academy is quite and calm. Surrounding have positive vibes. The SSB students gave encouragement to written batch students and confidence level goes high.


Course: OTA
Duration: 4 weeks
State/City: Gujarat, Ahmedebad

♦ Everything about academy I loved it. I will gonna miss this academy.
♦ I felt very good. I learnt a lot from this academy.
♦ Excellent!! Hostel was extraordinary!! Mess was excellent!! Grounds, sports facilities, Classrooms, environment everything were awesome.


Course: NDA
Duration: 6 weeks
State/City: Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan

♦ When I came here and now I am a totally different person with a lot of confidence and sure about the selection in NDA.
♦ Hostel, Mess & Classrooms etc. very clean. One of the best things about Minerva is its environment and surroundings.
♦ Yes, I am confident about my NDA exam. Minerva is perfect choice for it.


Course: OTA
Duration: 6 weeks
Email: mukulin@yahoo.com       
State/City: Kashipur/ UK

♦ Minerva academy has really created a passion in my heart to join Indian military. They have not treated me like a student, they have treated me as a family member. I really feel proud to be a part of this institute.
♦ The surroundings here are very clean & the infrastructure is just too good. It gives you a feeling that you are already in the Army. The food here is good. Mess people are too good. They feed us good & hygienic food, and sports facilities are really good here. We can play whenever we want.


State/City: Delhi
SSB Center & Course: SSC Tech.

♦ If you ask me about Minerva academy just one word comes to my mind i.e. AWESOME. There’s nothing good as Minerva. The feeling was awesome. Made many friends from different part of country India that too in just 10 days. I will remember this experience throughout my life and especially the faculty, staff and their teaching were so good.


State/City: Haryana, Faridabad
SSB Center & Course: Bhopal (Navy – UES – IT)

♦ The loving nature of faculty, students from all over the country, it feels like India is united in one place. The teaching method is Awesome. The way the things are being taught is really good. No one can forget these days in Minerva academy.
♦ I'm opposite now as I was when I was coming here, I’m full of confident, enthusiasm. I have discussed myself in these 10 days, which I was unable to do since 21 years.


State/City: Punjab, Sirhind
SSB Center & Course: NDA – SSB

♦ The infrastructure of the academy is very good. Everything is provided to the students. Starting from food to surrounding everything is great. I have made a second home here.
♦ I have no doubt about that. I have made probably the best decision of my life. It is a life changing experience for me.


State/City: Karnataka, Belgaum
SSB Center & Course: Bangaluru 37th NCC Special entry

♦ The Lt. Col. Deol Minerva Academy is one of the most beautiful place on the earth. In other word I can say it is heaven on earth. Academy has oceans of knowledge where everyone can get the opportunity. The most loving thing in the academy is AUDITURIUM. The national flag which as the center of the hall it gives the honor & price. It gives the feeling to serve the nation.


State/City: Faridabad, Haryana
SSB Center & Course: Bhopal, SSB – UES Navy and Army

♦ I’m truly amazed about 2 things that were the food quality and general infrastructure. They were phenomenal and truly unexpected, in fact I loved the food more than my home food. Rest was also far above standards.

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