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Student Feedback Page 30


Course: CDS
Duration: 8 Weeks
Email: anuragyadavsskb@gmail.com      
State/City: Shikohabad, Uttar Pradesh

♦ I learnt many things from here. Due to my tight schedule of 8:00 AM to 5:30PM, I got the habit of study more than 6 hours. I have learned many things here which was early a big problem for me. As a student of Science learning Humanities was very difficult, but after joining this academy I am very much confident with my Humanities part.


Email: chiragtomar913@gmail.com          
State/City: Haryana, Rohtak
SSB Center & Course: Dehradun – AIR FORCE (CDS)

♦ Now able to control my emotions. This was for the first time in my life that I spent about 6 hours continuously for 10 days of coaching and still enjoyed each and every second of it.


Course: NDA
Duration: 6 weeks
State/City: Udaipur, Rajasthan

♦ Its environment, educate, extra – curricular activities, the academy provides all round development & qualities into students, which is a very useful thing for students aspiring to join defence.

♦ It feels great, the bonding between teachers & students is excellent. I never feel like I was away from  the house we were a happy family here. I learned a lot here, along with studies I inculcated many good & important aspects of life which I will remember forever. Thank you.

♦ It’s the best you will get food, playground, classrooms, etc. are all excellent.


Email: ranaharshant@gmail.com              
State/City: Panchkula, Haryana
SSB Center & Course: AFSB 1 Dehradun, AFCAT

♦ The best thing about Minerva academy is the faculty & staff, which is very encouraging & supporting at each & every step of ours. Starting from day 1 I just loved this academy from the bottom of my heart due to the campus & the other facilities. The friends I have made here are going to be a lifetime relationship irrespective of the distances between us & even the difference in our occupations. It was just like a home away from home.


State/City: Punjab/ Jalandhar
SSB Center & Course: Allahabad, TGC-120

♦ Academy infrastructure is just awesome. Everything from washrooms to classrooms, mess, hostel and facilities provide to us is very good, and the environment provided to us very nice.


State/ City: Himachal Pradesh/ Mandi
SSB Center & Course: Bhopal & TGC

♦ I become confident. My English skill has improved well. The things that I quite nervous about are vanished. I know how to handle the situation and never give up. What else one needs beyond this.


Email: rohit.bharti1071@gmail.com         
State/City: Palampur (H.P)
SSB Center & Course: TES

♦ There are no words which express my love to Minerva Academy. From a piece of small grass to the obstacle, hostel, mess, ground, teachers are very loveable. The atmosphere here for the person is just as on army training. I feel that I have already been selected in the defense forces.


State/ City: Patna, Bihar
SSB Center & Course: Bhopal VES-24

♦ I would like to thank the staff members also for their untiring support to this institution. And the faculty would always remain in my heart as well as the teaching by them. I wish I would come back here one day with stars on my shoulders.


State/City: Pune (Maharashtra)
SSB Center & Course: Bhopal TGC-120

♦ A course done here once is all that an average candidate needs to fulfill the dream of getting into the forces.


Email: brahadeesh.c@gmail.com
State/ City: Tamil Nadu
SSB Center & Course: SSC- 44

♦ Being from Tamil Nadu I will try to make others understand about the importance of coaching before SSB and will show the right path is to MINERVA.


Course: OTA
Duration: 4 weeks
State/City: Safidon (Jind)

♦ I liked everything about Minerva. I improved a lot and I experienced a lot of change in me. My English has improved for which I would like to thank Mr. Gurvinder Sir who encouraged me for it. I am taking good memories with me.


Course: CDS
Duration: 4 weeks
State/City: Pathankot, Punjab

♦ Frankly speaking the best part is the classes which I loved the most, all the teachers are hard working, caring & professional in their subjects. I thank all the teachers from the bottom of my heart.

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