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Prabhjot Singh Pawar
State & City – Punjab, Ludhiana
SSB Center & Course – Allahabad  (U.E.S.)
  • I have learned about how to live an honest, truthful, selfless and faithful life. Then I have also learned about my weakness on which I can work upon in my future. I am really thankful to this academy from the core of my heart.

State & City – G. Noida  U.P.
SSB Center & Course – Allahabad TGC 119
  • which will definitely makes all feel comfortable and candidate.  The Minerva academy trains its student by making them think in a way a soldier thinks. The originality of candidates remains unhampered. The students can think in new dimensions. The care and coaching Minerva provider is unmatchable

State & City – Punjab, Zirakpur
SSB Center & Course – N.A.
  • I just loved the mess, food and atmosphere.

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State & City – Punjab, Sangrur
SSB Center & Course – Bhopal, TGC-119

  • Academy’s infrastructure is the thing that leaves everybody awestruck. Felt like a cantonment environment, so soothing, no disturbance, it was the first time I saw a peacock from so close. Hostels are like college hostels where you laugh at each till your stomach starts paining. And after hectic days, those beds left like super soft mattress, mess is good. Classrooms nicely maintained and organized, spacious.

State & City – Himanchal Pradesh, Distt. Bilaspur
SSB Center & Course – Dehradun AFCAT (Tech)

  • Today on 10 April 2014 I am writing my feedback form. I must say that these 10 days were best days of my life. In Minerva academy what I appreciated the most was discipline. I never came to know the time b/w 8 am & 8 pm every day which was the time of starting & ending of classes respective.

State & City – Gujarat, Jamnanagar
SSB Center & Course – Dehradun, AFCAT

  • Everything about Minerva is very lovely, from a wonderful geographical location to outstanding faculty to the methods they adopt to inculcate values in each student, everything is just right, it’s not only a training for SSB but training for life.

State & City – Punjab, Sunam
E-mail –
SSB Center & Course – Dehradun, AFCAT

  • These 10 days are even more important than SSB itself because I have picked few qualities from here. I am going to implement these things in my life. If I cleared SSB my life goanna change but even I will not be able to make it then also I will be a winner as no one can take these qualities from me.

State & City – Palampur (H.P.)
E-mail –
SSB Center & Course – NDA (PD)

  • I love the way of teaching and the teaching faculty of the Minerva academy. I love the hostel and various types of teaching techniques given here. Also I love to see that the students here never sit idle as they are provided with football, volleyball & cricket during free times.
  • The academy is quite big, having a large playground, neat and clean hostel, good mess, beautiful environment surroundings the academy from all sides. The class rooms are big and good and also fitted with modern techniques.

State & City – Ramgarh Jharkhand
E-mail –
SSB Center & Course – TGC 119, Allahabad

  • This academy has a huge lush green campus, well furnished hostel rooms, clean mess, large auditorium and lecture hall and fresh, clean and beautiful surroundings.

State & City – Karnatka, Banglore
E-mail  -      

  • After coming for Banglore, with traffic filled polluted streets, this is heaven. I can hear the peacock and saw many birds which I’d never seen before.
  • The mess, the services is quite good, the food, is by far the most awesome hostel food. I have ever had. The sport facilities are also good and love the massive inwards and greenery.

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