Wednesday, October 29, 2014


State/City: Rajasthan, Alwar
SSB Center & Course: Bengaluru, NDA

A lot of fun discipline knowledge, Implication of particle ideas on ground sincerity and hard work which I have had experience here at Minerva academy. I love these at most. Also, if the normal candidate is 70% confident he may be 60% confident at SSB, but if he is minervan then he must be having confidence level up to 120%.

After experiencing a vast knowledge, practice and hard word. I feel myself to be more confident now. More closer to defense service now. Also, after spending 10 previous days here, I become the best of speakers and this credit goes to our respectable young, charming and all-rounder Mr. Ranjit Bajaj Sir, He is a life changing person, after interacting with him. I have updated my profile also, up to the level I can.

The infrastructure, Here at Minerva academy was really fantastic. Starting from the hostel room to the mess everything was very well maintained.  The classroom environment was so enthusiastic with so many medals, trophies, awards and wise thoughts in it, That one can say at a time that he can make it and he will make at the SSB.

And as per the sports facilities here, it was also one of the best. Almost every game is being played and enjoyed by us with a separate ground for each game. And what I never forget is the movement with my batch mates. It was really a healthy environment to learn.

Yes of-course I made the right choice to be part of Minervacademy and being here, as I clearly mentioned earlier that one can increase its confidence level by 50% or more. So obviously I am feeling more confident now for SSB that I will make it. I will do it.

Yes, if someone is concerned to my choice, then it will be Minerva academy first.

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