Thursday, October 30, 2014


State/City: UP, Kanpur
SSB Center & Course: Varanasi, NDA – 133

♦ Despite of the great knowledge and methods of tracking various tasks provided by faculties, their behavior is influencing, Harmonious and inspiring. Especially Mani Sir & Bajaj Sir are the most influencing characters.

♦ My perception of SSB and the way of presentation of myself is totally changed. And I know that my performance has become good.

♦ I have been to SSB and so I know that academy environment is similar to that of selection centers with more humor and more efforts. Minerva Academy maintains hygienic conditions and facilities are good.

♦ I was confident and now I am sure that I will crack SSB. Also there was no doubt about academy’s efficiency and I myself have realized it now.

♦ Yes, because In the first SSB attempt I had many miss-concepts about various tests and was misguided. I was trying to avoid doing many things that I would normally have eventually tempering my performance, but here every concept is supported by logic and you will realize it or say that this is right and you do not have to avoid doing things but start doing things.

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