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Student Feedback Page 18


State/City: Punjab, Amritsar
SSB Center & Course: Allahabad, NDA - 132

I found I am new person having a definite goal in my mind. There is a drastic change in me. My confidence of speaking with group had been improved a lot.

State/City: U.P, Ballia
SSB Center & Course: Varansi – AFSB (NDA/NA)

The infrastructure is very good no other institute provides so high grade facilities at so affordable fee. Hostels are awesome, the food we get in the mess is delicious. Ground is well maintained and classrooms are just great.


Course: NDA
Duration: 8 Weeks
State/City: Una (H.P)

Minerva is one of the finest coaching institute it makes overall development of their students in fields of physical, mental and intellectual attitude. It is best institute I have ever seen in my life.


State/City: Gujarat, Bharuch
SSB Center & Course: SSB 33 – Bhopal – CDSE

The environment Minerva has provided is fantastic. The methodology adopted by each teacher was in a unique way and easily understandable. They did brought out in us all the potentials we had.
My confidence is boosted. I have learnt principles of my lifetime, which might cross over me at any walk of my life. 


Course: NDA
Duration: 4 Weeks
State/City: Hamirpur (H.P)

The best thing they had made us such that for the question to which I take 4-5 min. now I could solve it easily in 1-2 min or max. 3 min.

PARMINDER PAL SINGH               

Course: NDA
State/City: Mohali, Punjab

Coming to Minerva was one of the best decisions that I have taken yet. I realized the abilities I had. The atmosphere was fantastic. All the staff taught us well.


State/City: West-Bengal, Kharagpur
SSB Center & Course: Allahabad, TGC - 120

Before coming to Minerva I always used to things before speaking in front of public. I was hesitating to go to stage for any speech, lack of confidence. But after 10 days it was like a miracle happened with me. I gained a lot of confidence. Learn how to tackle with the difficulty. And by lecture of Ranjit sir really helps me in future. He motivated us. Now I have no fear to speak, confidence hiked.


State/City: Punjab, Ludhiana
SSB Center & Course: Mysore, AFCAT

I have become more confident; I never believed that I could ever climb a rope or jump at 8 feet wall because I was bad in sports. But I am glad I could make it. I am more open with boys because I was the only girl in class.


State/City: Rajasthan, Alwar
SSB Center & Course: Bengaluru, NDA

As per the sports facilities here, it was also one of the best. Almost every game is being played and enjoyed by us with a separate ground for each game. And what I never forget is the movement with my batch mates. It was really a healthy environment to learn.


State/City: H.P
SSB Center & Course: TES – 32 (Bhopal)

The rally change is flow of understanding the things how we deal in every situation and also the motivation movies of Vikram Batra, NDA movies give us the desire to win in the SSB.

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