Tuesday, October 28, 2014


BATCH – 11/2014

♦ The environment here is so friendly and pleasant that it seems like a second home. All the teaching staff always takes care about us.

♦ All things are loveable in Minerva academy. They always take care of our future and our life. And I feel happy to be a part of it.

♦ The path that I have chosen i.e. to be an army officer always make me focused to achieve my target in life. But in starting I have 1000’s of doubts, but when I join this academy, from the first day when my coaching still last day I learn so many things that there is no doubt in my mind. The words of Mani sir, Oberoi sir and Ranjit sir is always remembered and now I have developed enough confidence to become the part of the Indian army. Here I have learned all the basic principal of SSB and all the other things, i.e. how to control your fears, how dress, way to talk and keep your physical mental and morale high.

♦ I have reached Minerva academy with the help of my friends. He had already taken the SSB coaching be got recommended in Minerva academy

♦ The infrastructure is well constructed having greenery an around so the during the studies we get proper and pure air to be calm and cool and understand the principle more deeply.

♦ The mess is also very good. The meals are provided is tasty and delicious.

♦ My hostel name is “Vikram Batra” hostel on the name of our greatest man, Captain Vikram Batra (ye dil mange more) ground is enough big to play any games after study, having a running track, obstacles on one side to be trained more for SSB individual obstacles.

♦ Yes of course by getting teaching by so high qualities and learned teachers, my confident become enough build to crack the SSB. Mani sir teaches us to all the basic principles of SSB. Always the things not to do, all the physics principles used during the ground task and progressive group task.

♦ Ranjit sir taken us to all the things happened during the interview and lecturer. The fear develops during SSB in our heart. Ranjit sir dialogue (josh hai, hosh hai) always increased our morale.

♦ Oberoi sir told us how to present you to the interviewing officer, psychologist. And taken us through the other things psychological test happens in SSB. And sir always repeated one thing “oh…”! Understand or not”, “how well you are doing”.

♦ SP Singh, OM Prakash sir, Rupindar, Bajaj maim also teach us all the other things happen during GTO and interview in SSB.

♦ I say thank to all the Minerva mess staff also to give us good meals.

♦ I always say to all the army forces aspiring candidates join Minerva Academy to get success and achieve your goal. It is the academy where you learn all the principles to get yours aim.

♦ Request: - please sir increase the day of SSB coaching more days.

♦ Words from my heart: - “when I get two-two stars on my each shoulder, I win challenge the million stars of sky”.

♦ Sir when I become an army officer than please upload it on your Minerva academy website. I will info you earlier.

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