Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Course: NDA
Duration: 4 Weeks
State/City: Hamirpur (H.P)

Its own uniqueness differentiate this academy from other. I loved everything in simple words and the best thing is its immediate reaction for any complain if any.

I don’t think any academy could defeat this in the basis of academy level. Teachers and staff seem to be full of knowledge. With the easiest and accurate job. Of any problem they all made me impress and the best thing they had made us such that for the question to which I take 4-5 min. now I could solve it easily in 1-2 min or max. 3 min.

As I belong to an army background so I was comfortable with all these.

Yap! I was very glad that I choose this academy and about my confidence. I think you should wait for my phone that sir/mam I had made it.

Yup!! Surely I will do this.

Thousands of thunder may strikes from the sky…
But till death I will dely
Neither did I beg
Nor will I cry
Minervan should
I live
Minervan should
I die….

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