Thursday, April 2, 2015

Ayush Gupta

State/city: Haryana/Karnal
SSB Center & Course: AFSB Dehradun, AFCAT

♦ It is the best academy for SSB candidates. The faculty members the way they explain things and develop the potential candidates for being original, honest and confident. The Minerva honor code must be followed. M.A is motivating students and I am highly motivated. They are not teaching for SSB, rather for life. No other academy in the world can do that. It is changing our perception towards the officers with proper validations. I love it for its discipline, dedication of the faculty members and bringing the best out of one candidate.

♦ I changed during the first day itself. But as days passed by, a feeling of ferocious patriotism, optimism developed in me. Earlier I was not on track and had doubts minds where to go in my life, what will be my career, but now I have decided. These 10 days the best days of my life, these filled me with enthusiasm and energy to go to my target.

♦ Academy infrastructure is best in its own way. Everything is best for the healthy environment for a candidate’s development both physically and mentally.

♦ I feel very confident about the upcoming SSB interview. But for that I need to prepare the way the faculty has described. It is the best choice and right decision made by me to join Minerva academy. I am proud to be a Minervan.

♦ I will recommend them. I will describe them what had happened to me, how I changed completely. So, other aspiring candidates will be able to join Minerva academy.

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