Thursday, April 2, 2015

Nishant Nain

State/City: UP, Meerut
SSB Center & Course: Allahabad, IMA

♦ I was told about Minerva academy by my elder brother and my good friend Vivek Taliyan. Both of them took the SSB coaching from here. Unluckily my elder brother got screened out but my friend got recommended. On that day itself I made up mind that I too will take the coaching from Minerva academy. The environment, infrastructure, facilities, mess, hostel, sports facilities all were outstanding. The best mess food I have ever eaten in my life. The faculty give their best making sure that the right and correct knowledge is imported to the students. The staff too was really very helpful. I will remember these 10 days throughout my life.

♦ These 10 days seemed like months to me because I made such good friends who will remain with me throughout my life. Before joining the academy my level of confidence was not high, I was afraid of speaking in front of people and I had no idea about SSB, but these 10 days brought out the best in me.

♦ Now I am more confident and my nervousness has vanished. I will make sure I get recommended this time, even if don’t make it I will try till my last chance and not even then also, then in some other field because this training has taught me how to represent  youself and how a good human can achieve lavels in his life.

♦ I will make sure that I recommend Minerva to all SSB aspirants who will come across me.

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