Thursday, April 2, 2015

Omkar Kumar

State/City: Patna, Bihar
SSB Center & Course: Bhopal, NDA/SSB

♦ I love Minerva because this is the only institute of our country who teaches not to cheat lie or steal or tolerate those who do. The class of every day by the teachers fill in me a extra effects in my body which is useful for me in every day of my life. I give thanks to my teachers SP sir, obroi sir, om kakar sir ranjeet sir and rupal mam who motivate me to do for our country which is till now my parent even not say. I specially thank Mani sir who fills energy during the tasks. I really enjoyed this 10 days. I also want to give thanks to kitten staff. I hope that rest all days of my life will spent like these ten days.

♦ After 10 days I do not believe I am i. before it fears to speak in front of any body. I also not want to speak with my class mate but here a great combination and bond is made between the various students who came to different parts of our country.

♦ It’s fine previous 10 years where I went to studies. The infrastructure hostel mess grounds sports facilities class rooms etc. all are not even 2% of the academy.

♦ Yes, why not if student want to change his life. It cannot be possible without Minervacademy.

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