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Student Feedback Page 36

Swetanshu Kaushik

State/city: Chandigarh
SSB Center & Course: Allahabad-NDA-SSB 
♦ Ohhh Man !!!. the infrastructure is “Oh my God”, the best ever infrastructure you would find in any academy in India. It has the best sports facilities. A wonderful breakfast, lunch and dinner. The tea made for refreshment is damn awesome. The class room are wonderful and inspire us with their quotes and thoughts on the walls.
♦ Yar Minerva Bande ko Jina sikhadete Hai.


Sagar Pardikar

State/City: Tamilnadu, Chennai
SSB Centre & Course: TCG

♦ This was my best 10 days of life.
♦ I last 10 days, I seen many changes in me, Honesty, confidence and being oneself.
♦ The infrastructure and facilities were so good that I loved to be here for more 10 days.


Tanmoy Chakraborty

State/City: Delhi, New Delhi
SSB center & Course: AFSB (Mysore) AFCAT

♦ I feel much more confident that I was before coming here. And now I feel that I will definitely handle the pressure and successfully clearing it. So, yes I have made the best decision I could make in my life by joining this great academy.


Yasharth Brajesh

State/City: Allahabad
SSB center & course: Bhopal, NDA

♦ Everything in this academy is not just excellent. But the very best thing which I love the most is the faculty, which I will never forget in my life. The way of teaching and the manner in which they convey their knowledge to us is just fantastic.
♦ To be honest, I never ever saw such a wonderful campus of any academy. Not even my college has such an infrastructure.


Tania Dhaka

State/City: Mandi Dabwali, Hrayana
SSB center & course: Varanasi

♦ The best thing about Minerva academy is that it allows you to be yourself. I love Minervan honor code. This place is just magical & the best part is once you are here you don’t feel like going. The trainers are amazing.
♦ Now I am not afraid to try something. I was a very unconfident girl, but now I am completely opposite of what I was. The fear is gone.


Nishant Nain

State/City: UP, Meerut
SSB Center & Course: Allahabad, IMA

♦ The environment, infrastructure, facilities, mess, hostel, sports facilities all were outstanding. The best mess food I have ever eaten in my life. The faculty give their best making sure that the right and correct knowledge is imported to the students. The staff too was really very helpful. I will remember these 10 days throughout my life.


Karandeep singh

State/City: Punjab, Sanrur
SSB Center & Course:   --- / OTA

♦ I feel like I have been completely reformed. I never thought I had this much in me. I have never made so many friends in 10 days. And these friends are for life. My confident has increased a lot. Now I know what to do at the SSB and what not to do there. I can surely say that these were the best 10 days of my life.


Ritesh Shinde

State/City: Maharashtra, Nashik
SSB Center & Course: Bhopal & ACC

♦ After undergoing coaching of 10 days in Minerva academy I have become fully confident about the speeches, lectures and the group discussions. I used to afraid of public speaking but in these 10 days I have improved a lot and todays I can give speech in public any anywhere at any topic.


Saurabh V. Parbhanikar

State/City: Maharashtra, Akola
SSB Center & course: Bangalore IMA 139th

♦ I loved the staff of the academy. These are thoroughly professional men in their respective subjects. I liked the clean and green environment of the academy. The important thing which I learned is that you have to be better than you were yesterday.


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