Thursday, April 2, 2015

Rahul Saraswat

State/City: Rajasthan, Rawatbhata
SSB center $ Course : Yet to come, CDSE – 2014 Entry

♦ The academy is best in our country. The thing I loved most about the academy is its teaching methodology and the course content which is the best comprehensive and direct; I have even gone through. Though they give training all day from morning 8’o clock to evening 8 (which is long period) but I never felt low in energy and since Ranjit sir is here to give motivational lecture it makes me work even harder.
Here, also the infrastructure is also big which gives me a feeling that yes I have come to a right place and will surely make a difference.

♦ The biggest change I see in myself is the setting of my ‘proper routine’, which I will surely continue at home. Although my SSB interview date has not yet come but after attending this course I have got a kick-start for my further preparation. O got to knowing about my weaknesses and the places where improvement is needed, which I will now overcome in coming days.
A ‘Josh’ and a ‘bundle of energy’ I have created inside me after attending this course which will last forever.

♦ The Academy’s infra-structure is the best, I have ever seen in a coaching institute. The surroundings are clean and make me feel more close to nature. The obstacles here they have made are more than enough for anybody to practise and acquire knowledge about what one can confront at the SSBs. The ground is very big to play choices of games here. Hostel & mess are clean and in a very good condition what one can get.

♦ I feel more confident and determined now after attending the course; a positive energy is what I wanted. I feel that I have made a right choice to come here to get coached from the best faculty in our country.
I specially want to thank “Ranjir Sir” for his dedicated and tiring efforts. The motivation is all I wanted and I have got here, which will keep me going for my one and only goal-To Join Indian Army.

♦ Yes, I would definitely recommend people in my contact, in my place who are truly aspiring to join Indian Defence Forces to get coached here at Minerva. I will definitely share my experience of 10 days to all who want to join the forces.

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