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Student Feedback Page 31

Roopak Yadav

Course: CDS
Duration: 6 Weeks
State/City: Meerut, UP

♦ The faculty is good. I learned many things which I won’t be able to learn at home, like the approach to attempt the exam. The syllabus was well covered in time & qualitatively.
♦ The Academy infrastructure is best. Food is good here, compared to the hostels in which I have been, it is very good. Sports is must for physical fitness & academy provided the best facilities.


Shanku Nandal

Course: CDS (IMA)
Duration: 6 weeks
State/City: MH Nashik

♦ I have learned a lot and come to know that history is also interesting subject and same goes to economics. I have started enjoying economics and as I am a science background student and I have the base of science and mathematics.
♦ I love to learn the tricks of paper solving and cracking by Aswini sir. So feeling confident and exited to give the paper now.
♦ Everything is excellent, more than what I expected.


Harmanpreet Singh

Course: OTA
Duration: 6 weeks
State/City: Haryana, Shahabad

♦ I feel great after coaching at Minerva academy. I am arts background student for me science is very difficult before my coaching. But now I feel little confident in all subjects.


Atique Hussain

State/City: Guwahati, Assam
SSB Center & Course: VES-ELE ( Vishakapatnam)
Recommended /selected

♦ The positive energy the rich culture of integrity and the value it teaches to be purely the respect the country and the pride to be an Indian.
♦ No other academy provides such a platform which is being given by this institute.


Yatendra kumar

State/City: Rajasthan, Bharatpur
SSB Center & Course: Bangalore/ TA (SSB)

♦ I came as a person who has dust of doubts in my mind about the SSB procedure but onces been through the Minerva academy for 10 days that dust has been swiped so fantastically that I myself can not believe how confident I feel about the SSB procedure.


Abhishek Dutta

Course: IMA (CDS)
Duration: 6 weeks
State/City: West Bengal

♦ In Minerva academy I love the atmosphere which is provided for the study. In Minerva academy the teachers are very good and had very friendly relation with the students. This is very good for the students. They help every student to learn in every way. The main asset for this institution is their math’s and humanities teachers.


Manish Thakur

State/City: Mandi, H.P
SSB Center & Course: Bangalore (NDA)

♦ Yeah I can say confidently that I am different person from the day I had enter this academy. A person who used to be very shy among people is now ready to face a thousand of crowed. Now I can speak out loud my heart clearly.


Shivendra Pratap Singh

State/City: Lucknow, UP
SSB Center & Course: AFSB Dehradoon (AFCAT)

♦ After getting the lecture of oberoy sir, I got more positive points in my personality and I also I got to know my weakness where I need to work on. When I came here my confidence level was quite down but after 10 days it’s boosted up to great extent. As Ranjit sir says “it is life changing experience and its training for life” each of his word was worth listening to.
♦ I know it was one of the finest institute of India for SSB. But after 10 days I can definitely say that it is the finest institute of India for SSB coaching.


Omkar Kumar

State/City: Patna, Bihar
SSB Center & Course: Bhopal, NDA/SSB

♦ After 10 days I do not believe I am i. before it fears to speak in front of any body. I also not want to speak with my class mate but here a great combination and bond is made between the various students who came to different parts of our country.
♦ It’s fine previous 10 years where I went to studies. The infrastructure hostel mess grounds sports facilities class rooms etc. all are not even 2% of the academy.


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