Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tania Dhaka

State/City: Mandi Dabwali, Hrayana
SSB center & course: Varanasi

♦ The best thing about Minerva academy is that it allows you to be yourself. I love Minervan honor code. This place is just magical & the best part is once you are here you don’t feel like going. The trainers are amazing.

♦ Now I am not afraid to try something. I was a very unconfident girl, but now I am completely opposite of what I was. The fear is gone. I was a very indecisive person but now I know no matter wrong or right but you should decide for yourself. Minerva academy introduced me to a part of myself which I thought I never had.

♦ Everything was perfect.

♦ Yes, I feel confident for the SSB. Previously I wished to enter my SSB date but now – Bring it on. I actually have two options one is Minerva and other is Delhi Academy. I choose Minerva & I am glad about it.

♦ Yes, I will to as many aspirants as I can.

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