Thursday, April 2, 2015

Shivendra Pratap Singh

State/City: Lucknow, UP
SSB Center & Course: AFSB Dehradoon (AFCAT)

♦ Everything about Minervacademy is tremendous. The way its facilities members’ teach is amazing. Especially Mani sir language and his sense of humor is mind-blowing.

♦ After getting the lecture of oberoy sir, I got more positive points in my personality and I also I got to know my weakness where I need to work on. When I came here my confidence level was quite down but after 10 days it’s boosted up to great extent. As Ranjit sir says “it is life changing experience and its training for life” each of his word was worth listening to.

♦ Environment and surrounding of Minervacademy is awesome. As I am greenery lower. I felt very close to the nature in these days. As far as class room is concerned. It’s self-motivating even without any lectures.  I got to play basketball after a long time.

♦ I got to hear Minervacademy from my friend. He recommended minerva academy even though he took coaching from cavalier india, delhi. And also got recommended for army.  Standard of Minerva academy can be easily picked up after this incidence.

♦ I know it was one of the finest institute of India for SSB. But after 10 days I can definitely say that it is the finest institute of India for SSB coaching.

♦ Yes, I feel confident for upcoming ssb and also I need to do lot of home work on what I got to know about myself. It was a great decision. NO Doubt.

♦ Yes, without a shadow of doubt I will recommend MINERVA CADEMY to every aspirant.

♦ Thank you so much Minervaacademy.

♦ Thank you Ranjit sir, Mani Sir, Oberoy Sir, SP Singh sir, kakkas sir, Vijay sir, Raj sir for giving me best 10 days of my life.

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