Thursday, April 2, 2015

Debashis swain

State/city: Bikaner, Rajasthan
SSB Center & Course: Varanasi, 4AFSB AFCAT

♦ I love almost everything about Minerva. Discipline – Academy don’t compromise in discipline. The timing, conduct in class etc. High Standard of coaching – As highly qualified and experienced instructors helped us to improve our personality and techniques to appear in SSB and how to conduct in our own life. Food – the food provided is really good in taste and the menu provided is lrenendoes.

♦ Changes – the confidence level has grown to 200% as I was 10 days before. 10 days before as a 32 year serving personnel initially didn’t mingle with my mates, but within a day or two everything changed. All become friends, even girls too. As today I am famous among my mates. The fear factor whether in speaking, hurdles, obstacles has vanished.

♦ Infrastructure is very highly standardized from security gate to mess and barracks, everything is very nice.

♦ Yes, 100% I have made a vital & very important decision in my life.

♦ 101% I would love to tell others, even if they are not attendending SSB or anyother course. But once they should spend 10 days here these 10 days will change their life forever.

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