Thursday, April 2, 2015

Fatehdeep Singh

State/city: Punjab, Amritsar
SSB center & Course: SSC 44 (TECH) Allahabad, SSC (Pilot) Navy Bangalore, AFCAT Varanasi

♦ Most amazing thing about Minerva academy is learning with fun. Now I come to know difference between coaching and training it felt like I am already a part of defence. Ranjit Sir, Mani Sir, Oberoi Sir, S.P Singh Sir, OM Kakkar sir all were so much motivating. The best 10 days of my life. Never felt so much enthusiastic. Minerva gave me a lead how to live your life. It taught me lesson of life and at last thanks to all the staff (Mess, Security) and all specially Vijay Sir, Raj Sir and Vikram Sir. Great respect to big brothers.

♦ Boosted with confidence and giving speeches and GD’s has now became a habit. Learned about lota of mistakes which I made last SSB. Body language, how to sit, stand, how to talk, where to talk where not and endless of such things. Joining defence forces has now become my first priority.

♦ It was like we are learning 24 hours. Where ever you go you will find posters, Current GK, news related to defence. It was such a great learning environment. Hostel was amazing & comfortable. One of the most clean mess I have been to. Grounds were also great. Great sports facilities, whenever you want to play even for 5 mints you can play. Classrooms were like we are sitting in a room full of memories of our great heroes, even if you are not having a class you cannot sit idle because where ever you look you have something new to learn. I am staying in Chandigarh for 4 years but it didn’t felt like I am at same place. So much isolation from outer world. Greenery all around and such a pleasant environment.

♦ Just left with GK part, except that I am so much confidence and know I can crack all 3 if I do what Minervan are went to do. It is and will be a decision I am and will be proud of.

♦ Definitely.

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