Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sandeep Singh Ghuman

Course: CDS (IMA)
Durations: 42 Days
State/City: Hoshiarpur, Punjab

♦ Minerva is very good academy. I love the location of the academy, greenery all over and positive environment. The second thing I liked about Minerva is “Ranjit Bajaj Sir” the way he motivates the students and sir specially for you when I heard your life story, I am really impressed and your personality is Awesome!!! My experience in this academy is really very good. I enjoyed a lot in classes and also in hostel. I will never forget these 42 days of my life. I have made many friends here. I will never forget the celebration of New Year and Lohari, because first I have celebrated these two functions with the people coming from different parts or regions of India. In other words with India. I love my country.

♦ Before coming to this academy I feel very nervous regarding studies because my concepts were not clear. But after coming to this academy my concepts are now clear and I am feeling very confident and motivated towards my studies. I want to thank to all teachers for teaching me those topics which I have never known.

♦ Nimrit maan: first of all I want to say sorry to you maam. I know you tolerated so much and thank you for understanding me. My English has improved due to your efforts. I like the way you teach and you take the topics very seriously and taught that topic very well in the class.

♦ Soni Sir: Sir ur great!!! First of all for your knowledge and experience hats off. I will never forget the modern, ancient history, polity and also geography. Your teaching skills are awesome Sir. “Sir aap jaisa teacher ho toh internet apne aap ban jana”(especially in history). I also want to thank you for ignoring my nonsense activities in the class.

♦ Kuldeep sir: sir with your effort my base in chemistry make strong. Sir I like your observation in the class. And I also like that line- “ beta sandeep samajh aye k nai”. Our suggestion for you sir – Ap modeling meh kyo nahi try karte?

♦ Preeti Mam: way of teaching is very good. Thank you mam for your efforts.

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