Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tanmoy Chakraborty

State/City: Delhi, New Delhi
SSB center & Course: AFSB (Mysore) AFCAT

♦ There are many things that I like about the Minerva Academy. The faculty is awesome especially Moni sir and Ranjit sir. The Pedagogy is also brilliant. 100% practical and o% theoretical. But the best thing here is that it gives you an idea of what is SSB for 10 days, and as Ranjit sir says if we can Rock here for 10 days from 8 to 8 then we will surely rock there for 5 days.

♦ There are a lot of minor minor changes I feel I have inculcated which is pivtol for me to be successful in SSB. Like I did not had much of a stage fear but how to stand in the stage. The way to speak all has been the building blocks for me to clear SSB. The way we can use our theory in our real life scenario’s like we do in group tasks, command tasks, they also have been improved. Daily routine has also changed, like I did not had the routine of waking up early. All these changes are very pivotal and Minerva surely has propagated all in me.

♦ Like I said, it gives you the feeling of SSB. The mess, grounds, sports facilities etc all has been great here. Nothing to complain. May be, I did not imagined it to be this good, and that is why I am overwhelmed with the infna. But yes, it has been great & nothing to complain about.

♦ Yes, I have mentioned it in the previous answer that Minerva has propagated many minor qualities in me which will definitely help me in successfully handling the SSB and clearing it. I feel much more confident that I was before coming here. And now I feel that I will definitely handle the pressure and successfully clearing it. So, yes I have made the best decision I could make in my life by joining this great academy.

♦ For sure, I will definitely recommend any SSB aspirant to join this academy if he wants success. As a matter of fact I have already recommended this institute to few of my friends who are preparing for the SSB or are given the exams. “Once Minervan always a Minervan.” JAI HIND

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