Thursday, April 2, 2015

Dharmpal Singh

State/city: Punjab, Sri Muktsar Sahib
SSB Center & Course: Dehradun & NDA

♦ First of all, Minerva academy is the best and will remain the best in I ndia. It is best due to hardworking nature of the staff and their accurate and practical technique of teaching us. The hardworking nature of the Minerva staff can be seen by the fact that in these 10 days we have been taught more than 100 hours which is a large time. Also the classes are very enjoying and student’s never get bored. Teaching with fun is a great quality of teachers here. Also the food was best. Breakfast, lunch and dinner all the times we got best food.

♦ I have changed a lot in 10 days. First of all I have got the keys for the success at the SSB and some tips given by teachers to be followed at the SSB. I feel very confident and more determined for my goal.

♦ Infrastructure is also good. Hostel is best due to reason that environment will be provided at SSB. Sports facilities help a lot in free time, other than sitting idle in the break we can plat and fresh ourselves.

♦ I feel confident than before for the upcoming SSB and I think I have made correct choice.

♦ Yes, I would recommended Minerva to the others aspiring candidates because according to me it is the best.

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