Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hitesh Joshi

State/city:Uttar Pradesh, Mathura

♦ Great exposure and wide diversity of candidates coming, hoghly teaching staff and very co-operative staff.

♦ After spending 10 days at the academy I Feel myself as a more refined and confident person who is very clear of how to tackle any situation that would be encountered at the SSB.

♦ After spending most of my schooling life at boarding schools and hostels, I really appreciate the infrastructure and the efforts taken by the administrative staff to main cleanliness, good and hygienic food and a very clean and green complex.

♦ Yes, I feel very confident for the coming SSB. Not just the SSB but I feel confident as a person holistically to face the challenges coming up. Yes, it is certainly the right decision.

♦ I would highly recommend Minerva Academy to the aspiring candidates as it provides the right amount of exposure and knowledge along with practical experience that one needs before facing the selection Board.

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