Thursday, April 2, 2015

Soumya Ranjan Panda

State/City: Karnataka

♦ The academy import students the practical and thorough instructions.  It is not only imparts knowledge about ssb but also shows way how to approach in life as a human being. The facilities here are very practical and professional. The environment for study is outstanding.

♦ As a member of Indian armed forces I can see lot of change as human being through the academy. I become more positive and enthusiastic to achieve my goal after joining the academy.

♦ The infrastructure of academy is awesome. No other academy in India can be compared with Minerva. It is a unique. It is just live one part of Indian armed forces. I enjoyed my stay here.

♦ In my view I am positive and I can be able to clear my upcoming ssb after having joined in the academy. I think I have done exactly the right thing and right step to join in the Minerva Academy. The interview techniques were outstanding. I love it and enjoyed.

♦ Definitely there are many aspiring candidates in navy and other places. I would recommend them to join the academy.

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