Thursday, April 2, 2015

Abhishek Dutta

Course: IMA (CDS)
Duration: 6 weeks
State/City: West Bengal

♦ In Minerva academy I love the atmosphere which is provided for the study. In Minerva academy the teachers are very good and had very friendly relation with the students. This is very good for the students. They help every student to learn in every way. The main asset for this institution is their math’s and humanities teachers.

♦ Our math’s teacher i.e Mr. Ashwini sir who was helpful to me and helped me making some base in my mathematics subject before coming here I was not having any knowledge about mathematics but he has helped me a lot, And he is very good cricket player and very kind person from heart. I will miss him very much as my competition in cricket.

♦ After taking coaching in Minerva I feel very good because before coming here I did even know the subject of CDS exams. But after coming here I get to know that there is very much to study in the course of IMA.

♦ I learned many tricks in math’s and in other subjects. I was very blessed to come here and gather so much of knowledge as I can.

♦ Infrastructure is good sports facilities are also very good. And I do not know about the hostel and mess, since I was the day scholar.

♦ I am much more confident then I was before, I think I had made the good choice to join the Minervacademy.

♦ Yes, I will surely recommend Minerva to other students and to my friends who want to join Indian army.

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