Thursday, April 2, 2015

Srikant Ghai

State/City: Jharkhand, Dhanbad
SSB Center & Course: Allahabad, Indian Army UES-24        
♦ I love the atmosphere of Minerva academy. Not only teachers but also the dedication of staff and the motivation present in air has filled a lot of enthusiasm in me. I have never had so much fun in my life. I just love everyone associated with Minerva.

♦ First of all, as Ranjit sir told, I find myself now not ashamed of being criticised. I now know that scolding’s makes us better. I also learned that there is no short-cut of practise. I have found myself in better situation/position day by day. It is now my duty to keep up with these great habits.

♦ Awesome…. I have been away from my house since last six years, however, these 10 days were the best as far as my living is concerned. Hostel, Mess, Food etc had a lovely environment. My parents were worried about my choice of a completely unknown place. But I can proudly say, “I was right.” Being a sports lover, this place has great sports environment. And even in class room, the teachers are very co-operative.

♦ Yes, I not only feel confident for my SSB interview, but also for my challenges that would come in my life, I would be facing them with smile and learn from them. Confidence, now is a cumulative process for me as I would only build up positive attitude, hereby.

♦ I made a correct choice of taking SSB coaching here. It is the best Institute, where negative points are rare to find. Only the morning bell….

♦ Yes, I would recommend Minerva Academy to other candidates, not only for SSB, but to know the reality of life.

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