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Student Feedback Page 35

Rahul Saraswat

State/City: Rajasthan, Rawatbhata
SSB center $ Course : Yet to come, CDSE – 2014 Entry
♦ The academy is best in our country. The thing I loved most about the academy is its teaching methodology and the course content which is the best comprehensive and direct; I have even gone through. Though they give training all day from morning 8’o clock to evening 8 (which is long period) but I never felt low in energy and since Ranjit sir is here to give motivational lecture it makes me work even harder.


Arnav Dayal                                                   

State/City: Delhi
SSB Center & Course: Bangalore – UES

♦ I do feel confident now for my SSB interview as I have been taught to change any situation in my favour at the SSB interview. They also taught we have to project my qualities to the people. Yes, I am very sure that I made the right choice by coming to MINERVA ACADEMY, and this was one of the best decisions of my life.


Prashant Kumar

State/City: Haryana, Narnaul
SSB Center & Course: AFCAT, Dehradun

♦ Academy’s infrastructure is well built. I got everything like lawn, trees, open area and the lecture halls are well equipped.  Hostel facility is really good. We had notice boards with updates all over the campus. Also every corner is taken care of with cameras. All kinds of sports facility we were provided here. And I would really like to accolades for the quality food provided in mess. The menu is so good that you’ll get good nutrition throughout the week.


Hitesh Joshi 

State/city:Uttar Pradesh, Mathura

♦ After spending 10 days at the academy I Feel myself as a more refined and confident person who is very clear of how to tackle any situation that would be encountered at the SSB.
♦ After spending most of my schooling life at boarding schools and hostels, I really appreciate the infrastructure and the efforts taken by the administrative staff to main cleanliness, good and hygienic food and a very clean and green complex.

Rakesh C

E-mail: rakesh
State/City: Kerala
SSB Center & Course: Chandigarh / AFCAT

♦ Minerva Academy is just like our defence teaching centre. All the instructors are good and their guidance helps us a lot. The infrastructure in the academy is just mind blowing.
♦ Before attending the course at Minerva, I feel shy to present a speech in front of others. After the course I became self confident I am able to deliver a speech in front of anyone, any time.



Pastagia Uday   

Course: AFCAT                                 
Duration: 4 week            
State/City: Surat, Gujrat

♦ Very good teaching staff, Every faculty are good in his/her stream. Shaile sir very good sir for general studies. I learnt about very knowledgeable things about Math G.S. and the current affairs.



Adneip Singh    

Course: NDA                     
Duration: 4 weeks
State/City: Chandigarh

♦ Maths sir is one of the best teachers I have ever studied under. His concepts are excellent. Humanities sir is very good hearted person. His way making the students learn is excellent. One of the best teachers that I will remember.



Srikant Ghai                                                                       

State/City: Jharkhand, Dhanbad
SSB Center & Course: Allahabad, Indian Army UES-24

♦ I love the atmosphere of Minerva academy. Not only teachers but also the dedication of staff and the motivation present in air has filled a lot of enthusiasm in me. I have never had so much fun in my life. I just love everyone associated with Minerva.


Nisha Malik

State/City: UP, Ghaziabad
SSB Center: AFSB - Gandhinagar, AFCAT

♦ I love Minerva Academy & I am so much happy to be part of this family now.
♦ it helps me knowing my weakness and my strength. I had stage fear in starting little bit due to my English, but that fear is gone now. Now, no matter what language I use I only know that I have to say it confidently.


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