Thursday, April 2, 2015

Akash kumar singh

Course: OTA
Duration: 6 weeks
State/City: Agra

♦ Sincerely, in Minerva academy I like the way of Ranjit Bajaj sir. I really like to be that personality. Atmosphere of this academy is really good for those students who really want to study and they dream very big. Teachers:-

♦ Humanities – the most important personality for students is I think Salil Soni sir, because the way he treated with his students is gentle and genuine. The way he teaches is perfect. Sometimes they motivated the students for studies. Honestly, this is the only subject I understand clearly. Thanks you very much sir for your supporting.

♦ English:- Nimrit Maam: she is very close with her students. Maam always ready to help those students who are too weak in her subject. Thank you very much maam for your gentle and respectful behavior. And I think I know my mistakes and weakness in English. I promise I will improve my skills.

♦ Current Affairs:- Ranjit Bajaj Sir: thank you very much sir for your motivational speech. And you are awesome. And thank you Heena maam for supporting.

♦ Biology, Chemistry: I am not quite good in science stream but both of you teachers were very good and thank you very much for your knowledge.

♦ I feel confident in humanities, English and current affair. This academy learn how to treat the people in gently. Ranjit sir, thank you so much for giving this kind of education.

♦ Yes, but may be not (sorry for this line) but I feel positive and I never give up.

♦ Of course I will give information to other students because the faculties is really good specially HUMANITIES, ENGLISH & CURRENT AFFAIRS.

♦ The administrative and management staff:- the staff of Minerva academy is supportive. I don’t have single problem with staff.

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