Thursday, April 2, 2015

Manish Thakur

State/City: Mandi, H.P
SSB Center & Course: Bangalore (NDA)

♦ There is not even a single thing that I did not love about this academy. Its faculties lecture somehow. I fell asleep in some of these but they all were fantastic. Motivational speeches by ranjeet sir thank you so much. I wish I would have gained more from you but unfortunately I cannot but no problem 10 days are enough. Academy provides the environment of SSB center from hostel to mess every thing. It enhances the mentality of aspirant and physical standard too. And the dogs of this academy. Ha ha ha..

♦ Yeah I can say confidently that I am different person from the day I had enter this academy. A person who used to be very shy among people is now ready to face a thousand of crowed. Now I can speak out loud my heart clearly. Now people will have to listen to me at very first day when I entered this academy I was thinking of going back and run away but I thank thank god I did not do so because I going to miss these fantastic days ever. All this is due to Ranjit sir motto. “ sabki bezatti karenge” They all made us shamless not in that way but they just kicked out our shyness. I am different from the person who entered the academy and now going to leave as I do not want to leave.

♦ From infrastructure to ground there is not even a single thing that anyone can think that is uncomfortable and every special thing weather you are in wash room there is still hanging or poster article about Indian armed forces. When you open your eyes in morning the very first thing you saw is su-30 got so many quotations has putted around. Notice board are filled by useful articles and here you have to play. But the bell in the morning kills every body and I was about to break it first day. cuisines here are awesome and having food after physical work and mental even normal food become tastier.

♦ Yeah I am confident of my ssb and I have to keep learning. Because there is no substitute to hard work. The confidence level has increased by much higher heights then I use to have before coming to this academy. Because it reflect in me and people around me says that yeah you have changed and that change is something to going towards better. The academy has made by heart looks goods. You need to be friendly with others to remove their shyness and build up their confidence. Good job or I should say great job.

♦ All the aspirants who are seeking for Indian armed forces. Guys you have to come to this academy. Not because it is the best academy in India but because  it makes out the best of india. They did not teach you they lend you to teach yourself, because until it will not come from inside you, it will not work. The voice has to come from inside. We all can made it to the best, all we have to do that just get our instinct know to ourselves and will be the best person we have ever met.

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