Thursday, April 2, 2015

Swetanshu Kaushik

State/city: Chandigarh
SSB Center & Course: Allahabad-NDA-SSB     

♦ Minerva Academy not only teaches a person to clear an interview/SSB, but also teaches a person to clear an interview/SSB, but also teaches how to live a life. It creates in us passion for the Indian Armed Forces. It not only gives us theoretical knowledge but also teaches it to us practically and how to further use it in life.

♦ The major change what I see in myself is that after these 10 days, I feel confident, motivated. I now also know the basic principles of life. Now I don’t hastate in doing conversation with people. Now I have practical knowledge of all the aspects of life.

♦ Ohhh Man !!!. the infrastructure is “Oh my God”, the best ever infrastructure you would find in any academy in India. It has the best sports facilities. A wonderful breakfast, lunch and dinner. The tea made for refreshment is damn awesome. The class room are wonderful and inspire us with their quotes and thoughts on the walls.

♦ Now I feel damn confident about my interview SSB. I not just think that I have made a right choice but the best choice. You would never find any academy as good as Minerva. Yar Minerva Bande ko Jina sikhadete Hai.

♦ There is no doubt that I will surely not just recommend Minerva but insist my friend to join it. Not just for SSB, it is the best institute for any other interview in world. The staff, here are “Incredibly Damn Awesome”.

♦ Money Sir, is a kind of a person really hard to find elsewhere. He is a damn awesome person.

♦ Ranjit Sir, se toh 5 minute bhi baat karke 3 ganthe tak puri body mein bijli Bhagti hai. Kya Banda hai yaar !!! Aaj tak Aise bande se nhi mila life mein.

♦ OM Kakad sir, is a homogenous mixture of love, fun and strictness. Dare not to look out the windows in his class.

♦ Ranjir Sir---Ab to mere aandar Josh Bhi Hai & Hosh Bhi Hai…Vande Matram !!!

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