Thursday, April 2, 2015

Ashish Kunar

State/City: Bihar, Patna
SSB Center & Course: Bangalore UES (Pilot) Navy

♦ I love the most here is honor code of Minerva and secondary the friends from different states and also the level of teaching provided by Minerva was awesome, environment to live was also one of factor which I loved most.

♦ When I came Minerva and I was normal student who lacks confidence and hesitate when to talk when to put points in front of mass but after my these precious ten days I am totally changed quite confident and highly motivated.

♦ Everything provide by minervan academy was excellent quality from hostel mess to class room everything was great. Grounds let us to play when ever we wanted to play and availability of varios games was also good.

♦ Yes I am feel confident for upcoming and as well as for my rest of life. I think it was my right choice to go for Minerva academy.

♦ Yes I will inspire other candidates to also select Minerva academy for ssb whenever they get chance to appear before ssb & they want to prepare.

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