Thursday, April 2, 2015

Simranjeet Singh

State/City: Haryana, Ambala
SSB Center & Course: Bhopal & UES – ARMY

♦ What I love about Minerva, If I will tell my feelings I would be running out of words but on cut short I live everything which the academy offer to me. Academy teachers: in my opinion they are one of the best which a personal can get us there ideas. They are living soul example of all charismatic if we are thought in the academy. Will definitely miss: Mr. Ranjeet Bajaj.

♦ Academy honor code:  it has a deep meaning inside it and when individual when adapt it fully its life passes so we are given the opportunity to follow this code in the early stage of life.

♦ Academy infrastructure:  I think/opinion the academy has the best infrastructure even better than the infrastructure provided at home.

♦ When I came to Minervacademy I was a small seed by doing different mistake in different tasks and the getting aware of that through implementation I am now a grown plant and I am now feeling confident more than ever that if I work like this way I will be fully grown fruitful tree.

♦ I one word awesome, No guy can have such a good/best infrastructure in his daily environment.

♦ I am feeling much-2 confident for my ssb by getting knowing to my mistakes.

♦ I think I have made one of the best decisions of my life joining Minerva academy.

♦ Absolutely I will recommend this academy name to everyone till my last breath.

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