Thursday, April 2, 2015

Mandeep Singh

State/City: Punjab, Jalandhar
SSB center & course: Coimbatore / CDSE

♦ Everything about Minerva academy starting from the teacher’s up to the hostel was awesome. Every teacher is a genius in his field. The teaching methods were good. Never felt so much confident and motivated in my whole life.

♦ I am feeling much more confident, motivated and passionate to join the services. All my doubts about SSB have been cleared. Now I know my short coming and know how to overcome those to get recommended.

♦ Infrastructure is very well maintained. Everything was above from my expectations. The food was delicious, every sports is available can listen and see what the teachers is saying.

♦ I am feeling much more confident than I was before 10 days. It was the best decision of my life. Now I know how to get commission and in which direction I have to work.

♦ I will definitely recommend my friends as well as my relatives who aspire to join the services.

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